How often do you run your PC only to have it crash on you? If this happens too often, it can be frustrating and slow down your work and playtime. Thankfully, Microsoft offers an excellent service that can help you keep your PC running smoothly and prevent crashes from happening. Called www.aka.ms.yourpc, the program allows users to protect their computers better and reach out to experts when they run into issues. In this article, we will discuss www.aka.ms.yourpc in detail.


The www aka ms your Your Phone Companion Application for Windows

The little things make all the difference, and with a few clicks or taps on your phone, you can now get notifications of when a new email arrives or when a timer goes off in your favorite cooking app. While some of these updates are available through notification settings in Windows 10, it’s much easier to glance at your phone and see what’s happening on all your devices simultaneously without switching back and forth between them. And since many people have their phones with them at all times, they don’t need to wait until they’re back home or in front of their desktop computer to check if there’s anything important waiting for them. 

Since not everyone has upgraded yet, we want you to be able to enjoy these benefits as soon as possible. So we’ve created a preview version of the Your Phone Companion Application for Windows! 


How To Connect Android To aka. Ms/your PC

– Find the Microsoft Surface app in the Google Play store and download it on your Android device.

– Open the app and sign in with a Microsoft Account or create one if you don’t already have one. – Next, enter your MSN username and password or email address to log into Windows Live, which will connect you with aka. Ms/YourPC on your PC through a secure connection over Wi-Fi. – You can also connect via mobile data if you have an unlimited data plan. 

– Once the connection has been established, launch the aka. Ms/YourPC app on your desktop PC (in Windows 10) and click Allow when prompted to allow this computer access to this account from another location. 

– Click Connect from the menu bar in front of your screen name at aka. Ms/your PC; this will launch an auto-connection process that looks for any nearby devices connected to aka. Ms/your PC over Wi-Fi so they can be connected automatically and then share files back and forth between them easily across different locations.


Using Your Windows Computer to Connect Your Mobile App

Windows 10 contains a built-in app called Your Phone. It lets you sync photos from your camera roll on the phone to the Windows Photo Gallery on the computer, and it also syncs text messages and notifications from the phone so that you can have them on the computer too. There’s an extension for Chrome that works with Your Phone, so even if you don’t use Windows 10, you can still take advantage of this handy feature. Another tool in the kit is Microsoft Launcher. It was developed specifically for Android users who want to get all their Microsoft products in one place. As far as PCs are concerned, two new features make life easier: Pick Up Where You Left Off (PUWYL) and Timeline View.



If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use device management solution, then the Microsoft Device Manager is the perfect option. It allows you to easily connect and manage all your Windows 10 devices from a single dashboard, ensuring they’re always up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches.

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