What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website builder free and open source content management system written by PHP  and also paired with my SQL. In the Content Management System, it is used by 43.9 % of the top 11 million of websites in July 2022.  It is mostly used to create a website. In addition, it is use to create a large number of blog, business and eCommerce stores.


WordPress was released on 27 May 2003 by American developer Matt Mullenweg & English developer Mike Little. WordPress is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important features of your sites for instance, content management easily without needing to know anything about programming. Furthermore, In using WordPress, to find and visit your website through SEO. With Search engine optimization. You can boost your ranking with use of Yoast SEO Plugin.


How to use WordPress to create a website?


1. Select a plan

2. Set up your domain name with attach your hosting

3. Chose your theme.

5. Add Page and post to your website

6. Customize your website

7. Install plugins.

8. Boost your website to Using SEO


WordPress feature

In the following section, we give your Important features about WordPress.

1. Admin Dashboard and setting

Admin dashboard is also known as the admin area or Wp admin panel. The default way to access the dashboard is to go to admin sign-in page URL by visiting. For example,


After login  to a  dashboard you will see a default screen with a widget such as at a glance,Quick draft, WordPress events and news.

WordPress Login Page


2. Content Editor

A content editor is also known as a text editor or HTML editor. Where users can edit a post and page. Moreover, this editor is similar to a word processor just like Microsoft word. After creating the post and page content, user can assign feature image, tags, meta description, categories to the using the setting slide bar.

WordPress Content Editor


3. Theme Customizer

In theme customizer, users can make various changes such as site identity, uploading a logo, widgets, CSS, navigation menu, and a custom homepage setting.

Here are some of the best themes to install.








4. Plugins

          A Plugin is a piece of software application that is use for “plugs into” your  website. The plugin is use to maintain website security, boost your site and forms.

WordPress Plugin

Hence, here are some of the best  plugins recommended to install .

. Woo Commerce

. Classic editor

. Eelementor

.Visual composer

. Yoast SEO

. Word fence Security



Most Popular Website Using WordPress

1. The New Yorker

2.Sony Music

3.The White House





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