Why do I keep dreaming about my ex spiritual meaning

why do i keep dreaming about my ex spiritual meaning

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex spiritual meaning

 This article discusses why I keep dreaming about my ex spiritual meaning. It might seem bad if you’ve been dreaming about your ex. But it could be a sign that you need to get closure with them. It’s also important to know that dreams are meant to interpret as we see fit. So if you have any questions in mind about why you keep dreaming about an ex, here are ways to keep dreaming about my ex spiritual meaning.

What does it mean when you dream about your ex?

Dreaming about your ex can be a way to process your feelings. This can be particularly true if you have been experiencing high anxiety or depression, as those emotions will cause you to have dreams about an ex. If this is the case, then it may be helpful for you to talk with a therapist about how these feelings might affect your sleep and dreams.

You may also have more frequent or intense dreams when you have unresolved issues. For example, if one person broke up with another because they knew something about them was wrong (i.e., cheating), then that person could have trouble sleeping at night because they’re still worried about what happened between them and their former partner/lover (or whatever term fits best).

Why might you be having dreams about an ex?

The answer to this question is that you may be having dreams about an ex because of the following reasons:

  • You still love them.
  • You are angry with them.
  • You feel guilty about the breakup, even though it was for the best for both parties.
  • You want to get back together with them but have no idea how or where to start looking for them (or if they’re even alive).
  1. You haven’t dealt with your feelings.

The dream tells you that if you haven’t resolved your feelings about the relationship and are still emotionally attached to your ex. However, the dream may also tell you that unresolved issues with their ex have been left unaddressed since the breakup.

  • You haven’t dealt with your feelings about the breakup.

You might be struggling with how much of an impact this breakup has had on your life, so it’s possible that dreams of a past relationship can help bring closure by giving insight into what went wrong to prevent similar experiences in future relationships.

You’re weighing up a new relationship.

You have been thinking about your ex. You are wondering if you should try and date someone else or whether you should stay single for a while longer. Maybe this person is someone you met at work or lives in another city and only came home at weekends when they’re not busy with their life commitments. Either way, the thought of moving on makes you sad because it reminds you that your relationship with them was good while it lasted. Still, there’s no guarantee that things will work out between them again. Especially if neither party wants anything more than friendship (and even then).

You hope to forgive your ex.

If you are trying to move on from a relationship that ended badly, it may be because you want to forgive your ex. You may have been hurt by them and feel that by forgiving them, you can finally let go of the pain that has lingered for years after the fact. If so, this is not a bad thing! However, there are some things to consider before making any decision about whether or not you should forgive someone who has hurt you in some way:

  • Forgiveness doesn’t always mean letting go completely; sometimes forgiveness means taking responsibility for their actions while still holding onto anger or resentment toward them. For example, My ex cheated on me multiple times during our relationship (and others) with several different girls before I left him after three years together. Because he could not control himself around other women without telling me first/saying goodbye first/etc. He apologized countless times over those three years but never meant what he said. He just wanted someone else’s attention more than his own. So yes, my heart was broken. Still, I also knew how lucky I was compared to girls who experienced similar situations but chose differently than mine.”

You may wonder, “Why do I keep dreaming about my ex?” The answer is simple: You want to be with someone. And someone else comes along when you are in a relationship. It can make you feel lonely. Also, suppose your heart has been broken, or some issues caused the breakup. In that case, it might be easy for this dream to resurface over time as insecurity that needs healing or work on yourself before trying again with another person.

Something in your life is causing you unhappiness

You may be unhappy with your life in several ways. The following are common reasons why people dream about their exes:

  • Someone you were involved with has caused you grief and pain. Which makes it hard for you to get over them. This could be because they cheated on you or weren’t good enough for the relationship. Either way, there must be closure before moving forward in your life. And counselling services must be available throughout Los Angeles to make things more accessible for everyone involved (especially yourself).
  • You feel like something isn’t right about how things turned out between you. Maybe the timing wasn’t right, or there was no chemistry between the two parties involved…the list goes on! If this sounds familiar, we recommend seeking professional help immediately. So both sides can start working towards finding solutions together instead of feeling alone. While trying hard to survive and thrive. Which ultimately leads us back here again where we started: “Why do I keep dreaming about my ex?”
Are you curious to know why you keep dreaming about your ex? Here are five possible meanings.
  • You haven’t dealt with your feelings.
  • You’re weighing up a new relationship.
  • You hope to change your ways, but it’s not working out, and you’re scared of being hurt again.
  • You want to forgive your ex but are worried they will never change their ways towards you. And the relationship will be doomed from the start (and this time around, there won’t be any chances for forgiveness).
  • Something in your life is causing unhappiness, which would explain why you repeatedly daydream about them/themselves. Finally, changing yourself back into who you thought was good enough for them…

If you’re struggling with your ex, it can be hard to know what to do. We hope this article has helped you understand why you keep dreaming about them. Because if there’s one thing we know from experience. It’s when you dream about someone who left you or didn’t stick around long enough to say goodbye. It means something is up!

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