Why are the gas prices so high

Why are the gas prices so high

Why are the gas prices so high?

If you have ever asked yourself why gas prices are so high? Then this article will answer your question by providing five reasons why gas prices are so high in the United States. High demand for crude oil and low supply pushed gas prices increased this year. With the price of oil hitting the roof in recent years, many have wondered why and what will happen to it. This article will help explain it to you and provide solutions to help you cope with it.

What determines the price of gas

Gas prices are high that there’s not enough supply to meet demand. The United States imports a large percentage of its oil, and prices go up domestically when it can’t import what it needs due to geopolitical unrest in the Middle East or Central Asia. The market has also gotten tighter recently due to increased fuel-efficient cars and better efficiency by domestic refineries. This means that people aren’t driving as much and using less gas, so refineries produce fewer gallons of gasoline daily. Finally, when global demand for crude oil increases, it puts stress on supplies and increases prices. The point here is that there isn’t a simple answer for why gas prices are so high.

A look at current factors in play

Since oil and gasoline prices are linked, it’s easy to understand why gas prices are rising. With demand for oil and gas continuing to increase, production of these products is harder to keep up with demand. On top of that, there have been reports that OPEC has been withholding production to raise the prices and hurt U.S. competitors in the market. Whether or not those reports are true is debatable. Still, it certainly makes sense given OPEC’s history as a monopoly on oil prices in the 1970s when they conspired to fix prices high by limiting supply to drive out competition from other nations while they were having trouble ramping up their production.

A better way of understanding gas prices

Gas prices have been on the rise in recent years. Though they’ve stabilized a bit over the past year, drivers still pay more at the pump than ever before. Here are five possible reasons why.

Automobiles and other vehicles account for 27% of U.S. energy consumption, which is expected to increase. However, the average fuel economy of new vehicles is only rising by 1-2% each year, leading to an increased need for gasoline and diesel to keep up with the demand for transportation.

The outlook for future gas prices

Oil prices have been on a roller coaster for a few years, moving higher and lower by tens of dollars daily. On June 24th, 2016, the high reached $44.70. Additionally, the recession in China means that they are using less oil than before. This translates to an oversupply of oil because demand doesn’t match up with supply in countries like China and Saudi Arabia, which are sitting on hundreds of billions of unsold oil reserves. As more people react to this oversupply by using less oil to be energy efficient, we’ll most likely see these gas prices continue to drop as early as next month.

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint when driving

Want to save money on gas and help our environment simultaneously? Here are various ways you can help. 

  • Buy a gas-efficient car: You’ll get great fuel economy while still having plenty of room for your family. Even hybrid cars can save you even more money at the pump.
  • Drive less: One way to get better mileage is not to drive as much. This might mean leaving your car in one place or not living so close to work or school. Ride with a friend when possible and use public transportation when it’s available 
  • Combine errands: Sometimes, it makes sense to combine errands to reduce driving time and wear on your vehicle.


Tips for cutting your fuel costs

Do you feel like you’re spending too much on gas these days? You’re not alone. With an average of $3.65 per gallon, it’s hard to keep up with skyrocketing prices. But there are some ways to cut fuel costs, so read on for tips! If you can’t cut your gas usage, let’s try cutting it down and see if that helps.


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