Who rules the world

Who rules the world

Who rules the world?

Who rules the world? That’s what political theorists and philosophers have been asking themselves since there have been people to ask the question. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject, so let’s look at some candidates… These days we tend to think of nation states as the dominant political players on the world stage, but this is not how things always were, and it’s not likely how things will stay forever. So who rules the world now? And who will be ruling it tomorrow?

Who rules the world: Cast and characters

The series is an adaptation of George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four and stars Julia Ormond as O’Brien, John Hurt as Winston Smith and Richard Burton as Big Brother. Other cast members include Charles Dance (Oceania), Ian Richardson (Eurasia), and Stephen Rea (Eastasia).

The first episode, Power, aired on 16 October 1984. The series was written by Rafe Spall, Michael Eaton, and Peter Waddington and directed by Ed Bye. Six episodes were broadcast in total, the last being shown on 12 November 1985. It took over two years to produce with extensive location filming in Yugoslavia.

The programme-makers were also faced with a hostile media who had little interest in the project and put pressure on broadcasters to pull it from their schedules, accusing it of being anti-British due to its unflattering portrayal of life under a future totalitarian government. Consequently, a second series was never made.

However, three years later, Spall adapted his original scripts for radio for the BBC World Service, with David Suchet taking up the lead role of Winston Smith.

  • Yang Yang as Hei Fengxi / Feng Lanxi
  • Liu Yiran as Feng Lanxi (young)
  • Head of Fountain Abode and second prince of Yongzhou
  • Zhao Lusi as Bai Fengxi / Feng Xiyun
  • Zhang Xiwei as Bai Fengxi (young)
  • Disciple of Tian Shuang Sect and princess of Qinzhou
Who Rules the World: Season 

In Season 1, we learn that the world has seven rulers: The Chairman and his six partners. While they rule over all aspects of society, they do not have absolute power and must compromise to keep things running smoothly. The Chairman is the final word on all decisions, but he has no more power than his partners. He ensures all decisions are made equally among them, and everyone gets a say in how their kingdom operates. 

In season 2, there’s also an eighth ruler: The Accountant (not to be confused with the number eight). He controls wealth – a lot of it – which is vital for keeping up appearances today. His job is often thankless but very important.

Who Rules the World: Chinese Drama Review

Who Rules the World is a Chinese drama about three people sent to a labour camp for different reasons: Bai Yu for taking bribes; Lu Zhi, for helping her daughter-in-law flee China; and Fang Ye, as punishment for being a member of Falun Gong. The show follows them as they come to understand each other and start working together to escape from their circumstances. 

The show is compelling and emotional, with beautiful cinematography and heart-wrenching performances. However, I was most impressed by how well it handled an issue not often discussed on Chinese television: the treatment of Falun Gong members in China’s labour camps.

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