who is hacker

What is Hacker

Hacker is a person who uses computer programming and technical skills to overcome a problem. In other words, a hacker is a person who finds a weakness in a computer network to gain access. A hacker’s main purpose is to break into the computer system. The hacker uses their skill for a specific goal, such as taking money, bringing down a computer system, or breaking down the network.

Types of hackers:

There are six types of hacker

  • Ethical hacking (white hat)
  • Cracker(Black hat)
  • Grey hat
  • Script kiddies
  • Hacktivist
  • Phreaker


1. Ethical Hacker 

An ethical hacker or white-hat hacker is an information security person who has the match skill and uses the same technologies as a black hacker to discover threats and weaknesses in an organization’s system. Ethical Hacker involves an authorized choice to gain unauthorized access to computer applications, data, and as well as systems.


  1. 2. Cracker (Black hat)

A cracker or black hat hacker is someone who breaks into the system for harmless purposes and also damages the data. A cracker performs cracking is the process of breaking into a computer network system. Hence, a Cracker is a person who hacks a system by violating it with some bad intention.


  1. 3. Grey hat 

A grey hat is a combination of both white hat and black hat activities. Gray hats play an important role in environmental security. In SEO(search engine optimization) group, grey hat hackers are who manipulate website search engine ranking using unethical means but that are not considered search engine spam.

4. Script kiddies

A script kiddie is a derogatory term for which individuals who use a script or program such as a web shell developed by another attack computer system network to deface websites according to the hacking culture.


5. Hacktivist

A Person who gains unauthorized access to a computer network. The hacker uses their skill for a specific goal. For instance, taking money, bringing down a computer system, or breaking down the network in order of using social or political ends. In addition, Hacktivists carried out by breaking into and wreaking havoc on a secure computer program.


6. Phreaker

Phreakers are people who are trained in attacking the telephone system. The word phreaker became famous in the middle of 1980, is a combination of the word phone and as well as a freak. 


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