Which NIMS Management characteristic includes developing and issuing assignments

Which NIMS Management characteristic includes developing and issuing assignments

Which NIMS Management characteristic includes developing and issuing assignments

Managing an emergency incident involves more than just following procedures and protocols; it also involves leadership, management, and communications. Developing these traits takes years of experience and education, but knowing which National Incident Management System (NIMS) management characteristic includes developing and issuing assignments can help you get started in the right direction. You’ll also learn how to apply this NIMS management characteristic to your daily life.

What is NIMS Management? 

NIMS Management is a four-step process for managing change developed by John Kotter. It’s designed to help organizations assess their readiness for change, plan the change process, implement the change process, and sustain the change. Each of these steps will be more effective if you can identify what your organization needs to reach its desired result. The first step in the NIMS management process is to assess the current situation. This includes understanding what your organization needs to reach its desired result; which NIMS management characteristics include developing and issuing assignments? After assessing your current situation, you should develop an action plan that addresses any potential problems that might arise with implementing a new system or procedure.

NIMS Management Characteristics: Developing and Issuing Assignments

Developing and issuing assignments can be difficult for managers, especially if they do not have any formalized procedure. Without a clear understanding of what needs to be done, the manager will find it difficult to assign tasks appropriately. This is where an effective NIMS management system comes in handy.

NIMS focuses on developing and issuing assignments as well as one of the five key areas for managers. It is listed as the third step in the process: Issuing Assignments. This step involves determining how tasks will be assigned based on factors such as skill levels, timelines, the quantity of work, urgency, etc. And then communicating these decisions with employees. Hence, they know what their responsibilities are going forward.


Management by Objectives is also a management feature that contains developing and issuing assignments, plans, procedures, and protocols to perform tasks. NIMS Management is a system that establishes roles, responsibilities, authorities, and relationships among participants in the Incident Command System. One of the characteristics of this system is to develop assignments. This means that the participants are responsible for designing tactical strategies to resolve an incident or problem. 

One example of a task that can be assigned is gathering traffic patterns data to forecast freeway backups from accidents. The data will help reduce congestion by providing information about how much time drivers should allot for their trips. So they don’t get stuck in too many traffic jams.

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