Which bad habit does an onychophagia have

Which bad habit does an onychophagia have

Which bad habit does an onychophagia have?

In this article, we discuss Which bad habit an onychophagia has. My friend told me the other day that he has a bad habit of biting his nails; he just can’t stop doing it, even though he knows it’s terrible. I have to admit that I too have this habit and couldn’t agree more with my friend that it is awful! But did you know that biting your nails can harm your health? Read on to find out why…

An Onychophagist’s Bad Habit: Biting Their Nails!

If you can relate to bad habits like biting your nails, you might want to read this post. Onychophagia is biting one’s fingernails, typically until they break and bleed or do not grow back. It is a disorder that affects about 10% of the world’s population in which more than 70% of sufferers are female. On average, people spend 2-5 years (if ever) without their nails growing back. During this time, they can’t cut their hair or hang up posters because they cannot grip them with their fingers to remove them from surfaces.

Do you have a bad habit of onychophagia?

An onychophagia is someone who has a bad habit of biting their nails. This can lead to infections, deterioration of nail health, and possible social isolation due to unsightly nails. Stop biting your nails if you suspect you might be an onychophagia! Consider chewing sugar-free gum instead if you must do something with your mouth.

Which bad habit does an onychophagia have?

Everybody picks their nose, but some do it with a specific frequency. Onychophagists are the ones who like their nails or fingers so much that they bleed and become painful. To find out if you are an onychophagia, take this quiz: Have you picked at your cuticles to the point of bleeding more than five times in your life? Do you pick at your fingernails more than two times daily, every day? Do you rip off pieces of skin near your nail bed to use as tools to pry off flakes of dried skin under your nails?


An onychophagia is someone who bites their nails. Every nail-biter will tell you how hard it is to break the habit. Over time, a person’s fingertips can become tender and sore from being bitten and develop infections due to poor hygiene habits that often accompany the behavior. Those who bite their nails also feel embarrassed and stressed when they get nervous. Experts say that some treatment options are available. But they may not be very helpful in helping people stop biting their nails once and for all.

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