Where in the world is it snowing right now

Where in the world is it snowing right now

Where in the world is it snowing right now?

Are you planning to take your vacation somewhere warm and sunny this winter? If so, you might want to reconsider living in the Northern Hemisphere. There are plenty of places to visit free of snow and cold weather — all you have to do is find them! To help with your search, we’ve gathered the latest data on where it’s currently snowing worldwide based on information from the National Weather Service (NWS). As you can see in the map below, it’s cold across much of North America, Europe, and Asia right now! So, in this article, we will discuss: Where in the world is it snowing right now?


3 Best Tools: Where in the world is it snowing right now

Universe Today can help you determine when and where a snowstorm will hit. You might also want to download an app like Wunderground on your phone to get up-to-date information about temperature and local weather conditions. The National Weather Service and StormWatch International might be good places to learn about recent storms, warnings, watches, or other advisories. When trying to figure out where the snow might affect airports, the American Association of Airport Executives might be a good place to start looking.


It’s a good time to be in Alaska! The state has plenty of snow, cold temperatures, and a beautiful scenic drive. Many ski resorts are open for business and waiting for you to take advantage of them. In Denali National Park, there is more than enough snow to go around and spend hours outside playing. With this many inches of fresh powder, it’s hard not to get outside and enjoy what nature has blessed us with.


I have to share with you where it’s snowing right now in the world. How cool would it be to experience so many different places and see what they’re like during this season? As someone who lives close to Maine, I enjoy these crisp winter days. The type of day you want to cozy up by a fireplace, sip some hot cocoa, and get lost in a good book. It’s hard not to feel dreary when the winter months drag on and on. But one of my favorite things about cold weather is the novelty of seeing how other countries are experiencing these frigid temperatures as well!


What Country Is Snowing Right Now

No matter your winter wonderland plans, you’ll want to know where the snow is happening. Knowing which country is currently blanketed in a thick layer of white will help you decide where to travel. But, of course, if you’re up for some true adventure, there’s always Antarctica. Keep reading to find out more about your options!


The colder half of Japan typically only receives light dustings of powdery white stuff throughout most of the winter. Still, between December and March, occasional heavier falls have surprised unprepared travelers by coming after prolonged periods without a flurry. The northern island of Hokkaido has marginally more frequent and longer-lasting bouts with accumulations that top one foot per season on average.


Each month, Ebbets works with someone to design and produce their custom leather cleats from recycled baseball gloves. We love working with one-of-a-kind types of people, and this project was no exception. Gabe Greenberg, our Calgary shoe designer from back in March, wanted to have his first team cleat made from Alberta snow. This one was a little more labor-intensive than our normal custom shoes, so we sent him a few pairs for inspiration before he made the design decisions himself. He just sent us this photo of his final product—huge smiles all around!


So, where in the world is it snowing right now? The UK. If you live near or on top of a mountain, you might have also seen some snow drifting this morning. In parts of Scandinavia and Canada, people have seen very deep frost but no measurable amounts of actual ice yet (at about -5° C). In Scotland, drivers are warned that there could be overnight ice for lower roads early tomorrow morning. This weekend will see a little rain over much of England and Wales with sharp frosts – leading to black ice on untreated surfaces and travel delays as ground temperatures plummet.


Where you live can be a large determinant of what time of year it is. Suppose you live close to the equator, for example. In that case, where I live on the West Coast of North America, you will likely experience much wetter and warmer weather with occasional snow flurry during an extremely cold month like January. But, on the other hand, living near the equator means that during late October and early November, there will be a rainy season where flooding is common–but don’t forget about the monsoon! This occurs when the waters from Australia warm up and head over here.


People often watch movies when they’re stuck inside during the winter. We have some suggestions if you need something new to watch this season. If you’re looking for something fresh and lighthearted with a little comedy, check out It’s A Wonderful Life. This classic film can help put your troubles into perspective as Jimmy Stewart fights off his guardian angel, who doesn’t think he deserves to live. No matter your situation, this movie will leave you feeling good and wanting more of what makes life special. If a family favorite is more up your alley, look at Miracle on 34th Street or Elf.


The Northern Hemisphere has had a spectacular 2017-2018 winter season. From mountains of powder to joyous faces, we’ve seen pictures and videos from some of the best spots for skiing, snowboarding, and more. 

But what about where it isn’t snowing? How do our friends around the globe get by during this joyous season? 

Pssst….not everywhere receives a white Christmas every year. So when Mother Nature takes her annual vacation to chill on that beach or warm up by that fire,

New Zealand

It may seem crazy, but places like New Zealand have already seen snow. In case you were wondering, here’s where else around the world it’s starting to get cold out A. Winter is still going strong in parts of Canada, where some are predicting that this could be a brutal winter season with lots of snow and record-breaking low temperatures 

  1. Siberia has had enough snowfall this year to predict a white Christmas. 
  2. Some of Europe, such as Italy and Spain, are experiencing their first big freeze. 
  3. The Czech Republic was hit with its first major snowstorm last week when a thick layer fell on Prague.

It’s January, and we know what that means! It’s freezing outside. But where exactly? If you’re wondering where it’s snowing, you’ve come to the right place. The map below shows where the world is snowing or has had significant snowfall today.


It’s -30 degrees Celsius here in Moscow, and we’re not yet done with winter. We are just getting started. There’s still another month of this weather to come. Living on a flat piece of land that never changes elevation is that when it is cold, it’s REALLY cold. What I mean by this is that our exposure to altitude differences makes it easier for us to feel the change in temperature as opposed to if you live somewhere with hills or mountains like they do in Washington, where even a small elevation change would impact how much colder things get at night.

South Africa

Snow is not a seasonal event for South Africa since the region does not get a break from cool weather all year round. So it is safe to say that winter may be one long season in south Africa. The mornings are usually pretty cold and frosty. I’ve had to take a few extra minutes to get ready because of being extra chilly and stiff on my morning commute because of this weather. And once you step outside, you’ll find ice on anything remotely wet- like puddles or cobblestone sidewalks.


Australia is a country of extremes. From cold, icy landscapes to scorching hot deserts, there are many different landscapes across this continent. However, these picturesque scenes have been swapped for something less Instagram-worthy for the past month or so. Many people wouldn’t think of Australia as having much in terms of snow. Still, thanks to an El Niño phenomenon from last year and a chilly winter over Europe, we’re looking at an abundance of cold and white this time.

Is It Snowing Anywhere In The World Right Now?

The answer to the question of where, in the world, it is snowing right now can be found by consulting sites like Global Weather Online, which specializes in just that! If you’re not a regular viewer of this site, do yourself a favor and bookmark it. If you want to know what part of your country (or someone else’s) is being graced with its first blizzard, this site has all sorts of weather-related information at your fingertips. 

Another great place to find real-time data on ground conditions across the globe is AccuWeather. You must input basic information about your location and get instant access to seasonal factors such as sunrise/sunset times and average high/low temperatures.


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