When my heart overwhelmed

When my heart overwhelmed

When my heart overwhelmed?

When my heart is overwhelmed, I don’t know what to do anymore. At first, everything was fine. I was in love with the girl of my dreams, and she loved me back with all her heart and soul. We were both so happy that we had no idea what it meant to be unhappy because there were no problems in our relationship—at least, that’s what we thought until it happened. But then, I remember how she suddenly broke up with me; so many questions were running in my mind that I couldn’t find the answers to even if I wanted to, and I tried hard and fast.

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock – Part 4

I found out a friend had passed away yesterday morning when I woke up. A few months ago, he’d been telling me that things were not going well and that he was having trouble with his wife and kids, but then he seemed like himself again after Christmas. One day we talked about family vacations and how exciting it would be when our kids were grown up enough to be able to do this. Then, the next day, while I slept in an apartment that once belonged to him, his soul released itself from his body forever.

When My Heart Is Overwhelmed – Psalm 61:2

When I am anxious, when worry overwhelms me, and when I am downcast-in such times, I call on You. But as for me, I call to the Lord, and He saves me. The Lord is near to all who call on Him; when they cry out to Him for help, He hears them and rescues them from all their troubles. He is close to those who have reverence for Him. With one word, he can save you. My God knows what’s in my heart before I even say it. So when anxiety overtakes me, worries overwhelm me, and I’m feeling downcast, I turn to Him. When things are tough, and it feels like there’s no way out – I know He’ll never let go of me or give up on me because He cares about every detail of my life!

When My Heart Overwhelmed Me: How to Cope with Emotional Flooding?

It is hard when your emotions become too strong to handle, overwhelm you, and you want to cry. It happens when we experience something like a traumatic event, but it can also occur for no reason. There are many different ways that you can cope with emotional flooding when it happens, depending on the individual and the situation. Here are some ideas to help you when my heart overwhelmed me: 

1) Remove yourself from the situation or environment if possible 

2) Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth 

3) Count backward from 10 to 1 

4) Repeat words of encouragement aloud

When my heart overwhelmed: a moment of vulnerability and strength

It’s hard to realize that at some point in your life, your body will slow down and give out. It’s even harder to live in fear of that moment happening to you, constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I used to think I would know when the time was right, but lately, I don’t feel like it will ever be right. I just have this overwhelming feeling inside me, a sense of panic, and I want to enjoy every day and do everything I always wanted to do before it’s too late. The realization that we can’t control what happens has been so harsh on me, yet I still find myself trying to control everything around me. 

The knowledge that all these plans will wait one day is terrifying yet strangely freeing. That’s why last week, when my heart felt so heavy with an emotion stronger than anger or sadness or pain, I allowed myself to overcome it because there are no regrets about being vulnerable.

When my heart overwhelmed – a tale of love and loss

When I’m sitting on the couch watching Netflix for the third night in a row, wondering why the pain hasn’t gone away, I ask myself – what do I need to let go of? What am I holding onto that’s making me feel like this? Do I blame people or things for how I feel? The answer is always no. It’s me. That idea might make you feel worse if you’re struggling with feelings of guilt or shame, but it helps me to move forward. If you’re ashamed of something in your life and can’t let go of it, you don’t accept yourself.

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