What was behind rangers game 1 offensive explosion

What was behind rangers game 1 offensive explosion

What was behind rangers game 1 offensive explosion

The New York Rangers scored four goals in the first period of their game 1 victory over the Montreal Canadiens, leading many analysts to wonder what was behind this offensive explosion by the Rangers in game 1. There are many possible reasons why the Rangers were so successful in their game 1 matchup with the Canadiens, and here are some of the more likely culprits that could be responsible for their superior play.

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The Rangers put up six runs in the first inning of Game 1 and eventually went on to win 13-3. What had caused this outburst? It’s hard to pinpoint anything, but several factors have played a role. 

The Orioles are not a solid defensive team. They committed five errors in the first two games, which led to 10 unearned runs for the Rangers. Baltimore is also an offensively-challenged team, as evidenced by their .190 batting average through two games. The Rangers also did a good job getting on base in Game 2, walking 10 times and striking out just three times.

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The Rangers’ offense exploded for six runs in the first inning, but what caused them to get so many opportunities? The Astros’ defense could have played a significant role in the early success. 

The Rangers scored six of their eight runs on just three hits and four walks. They began with a walk from Rougned Odor and a double from Elvis Andrus. After that, Alex Bregman hit a fly ball to center field, which allowed Odor and Andrus to advance 90 feet to third and second base, respectively. 

Josh Hamilton then grounded out to Jose Altuve at second base, scoring Odor for the game’s first run.


What started as a slow first period for the Rangers ended as an offensive explosion. The team scored four goals in the second period and never looked back. They could take advantage of sloppy play from the Avalanche and good goaltending from Henrik Lundqvist. To conclude, what was behind Ranger’s game 1 offensive explosion is that they just took advantage of their opportunities and capitalized on their chances.

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