What is the greatest contribution of computer to us why

what is the greatest contribution of computer to us why

what is the greatest contribution of computer to us why

A computer is an electronic machine. It can be use to perform different functions by taking data, processing it, and storing its results. Computers can be classified as input devices, processing devices, output devices, and storage devices. If someone asks you what is the greatest contribution of computer to us why then he is asking you a good question. In our daily life, we use them to perform different tasks like students use them to solve different problems. Moreover, it makes human life easier and more comfortable. They provide opportunities to remain in touch with our family members and friends. Which are living in any part of the world. Everyone knows what is the greatest contribution of computer to us why.

The computer has become an important part of the twenty-first century. Today computers are utilize in every field of life. That is why it has become necessary to learn about computers. So we will discuss what is the greatest contribution of computer to us why.


Computer improves research skills

A computer provides the most important tool for research in our life and that tool is the internet. Internet is a network that is formed by connecting different networks. Internet helps us in every field. Such as students use them for researching any topic, and they can be useful in medical laboratories. During summer vacation students are given homework or different topics. In this situation, students use internet to get ideas about projects. The scientist works on different projects. With the help of the internet they will discover and create a new one. That is why computer improves our research skills.

Computer helps in getting good jobs

Today the computer industry is growing very fastly and it is need everywhere. That it has become an essential part of our life. Almost every work depends on the computer. So the industries and companies are hiring workers which are experts to use computers. They also have good knowledge of how to use computers. In the whole student life, they should be trained in the field of computer. So different companies will hire these types of people. We can conclude that for those people who are getting good jobs. Then computer education is a must for these people. The salary package offered to these people is much higher. As compared to those who do not have any idea about the computer.


Computer helps in enhancing technology

Many technologies today depend on the computer system such as electronic devices are depending on the computer system. So if someone is creating a new technology then he should have great knowledge about computers. For example, if someone wants to create a machine that can be utilize in medical science. This machine will obtain a device to show its results and this device is a modified version of the computer. Those types of people modify a computer if they have good knowledge about computer science. If a person is a study about computer systems then he wants to create new technologies. He used new ideas that are in his mind to create new technology for the betterment of society.


Computer increases the efficiency of a person 

If a person is working in the company as an accountant. This person keeps a record of all the profits and losses of the company. It will take a lot of time, concentration, and memory. Because it is a very difficult task for this person if he keeps all the records using pen and paper. On the other side if this person has good knowledge about computers. Then he will use the computer system to maintain all accounts records of the company. This will take less time and he will do its work very fast. By comparing both situations this person will do their work more accurately by using a computer system. That is why computer plays an important role in our life.


Computer makes communication easy

The world is very huge. That is why all the people live in different parts of the world. They want to communicate with each other from different locations. Communication was started through a letter but it is not more effective over the long-distance because it was only text-based. Then it is moved to telephones. By using the telephone we could hear the voices of our loved ones. Moreover, In today technology we can use computers for communications. A computer provides us with many facilities like chatting, calling, and video conferencing which helped us in communication. This technology will help the person who is very far from their families. They can communicate with each other as they are just sitting in front of them.

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