What is satellite

What is satellite

What is satellite

A satellite is a machine or planet that orbits another planet or star. So, we can say that Earth is a satellite because it orbits the sun. Moreover, the moon is a satellite because it orbits the Earth. Generally, what is a ‘‘satellite’’ is a word that refers to a device. We send these devices into space to move around the Earth or another body in space. In this article, we easily understand what is satellite.


So, Earth and the moon are natural satellites. There are thousands of artificial or unnatural satellites. These satellites orbit around the Earth. Some satellites help meteorologists predict weather and some help to track hurricanes. In addition, we use some satellites for communication. This communication is such as, beaming TV signals and phone calls all around the world. GPS system is made by grouping more than 20 satellites. This is also called Global Positioning System. This GPS receiver helps us to figure out our exact location. 

Why satellites are important?

Satellites allow us to see a large area of the Earth at one time. With the help of this ability. We collect more data very quickly other than the gadget available on Earth. Satellites can see into space better as compared to telescopes. That is why, satellite fly above the clouds, dust, and molecules which is available in the atmosphere. That can block the vision from the ground surface.

Before satellites TV signals did not send on a long way. This is because TV signals travel in a straight line. With the help of satellite, we send Phone calls, and TV signals skywards to a satellite. Then satellites send these signals quickly back to different locations on Earth. That is why satellites are important and they play an essential role in our daily life.


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