What is GitHub

What is GitHub

What is GitHub?

GitHub is an internet code hosting service for software development and version control using Git. It lets you work together on different projects. Moreover, it provides access control, bug tracking, software feature requests, task management, and continuous integration for every project.


The development started on October 19, 2007. GitHub was built in 2008 by Chris Wanstrath, P. J. Hyett, Tom Preston-Werner, and Scott Chacon. It has an annual keynote called GitHub Universe

What is GitHub Gist?

Gists are one of the features of GitHub. It means “a simple way to share snippets and pastes with others.” There are three-part of the study which examine how users are using Gists. So, these are as follows:

  1. A quantitative analysis of Gist contents.
  2. Investigates the information contained in a Gist: We tested 800 thousand users and their Gists (totaling 780 thousand Gists), then manually categorized the contents of 399. 
  3. Investigates what users say Gists are for by reading the contents of web pages and Twitter feeds.

 So, we found that Gists are usually small and comprised of a single file. However, Gists perform a variety of benefits, from saving snippets of code to creating reusable elements for web pages.

What is GitHub Repository?

A repository uses to store a development project. It contains folders and any type of files like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Documents, Data, or Images. Moreover, it should include a license file and a README file about the project. 

Moreover, it stores ideas or any resources which you want to share. 

How to create a repository in Github?

Here are the following steps through which you can create a repository.

  1. Go to GitHub, in the upper-right corner of any page, use the drop-down menu, and choose New repository.
  2. Type the name of your repository.
  3. This step is optional. So, here you can also add a description. For example, “It is a repository.” 
  4. Choose the public option.
  5. Choose the public option.
  6. Now select the Initialize this repository with a README.
  7. In the last step, click Create repository.
How to delete a repository in Github?

Here are the following steps through which you can delete a repository.

  1. Navigate to the main page of the repository on Github.
  2. Click on Setting.
  3. In Danger Zone, click the Delete this repository option.
  4. Confirm the option.
  5. Confirm that you are ABSOLUTELY sure to delete the repository.
  6. At last, Click I understand the consequences, delete this repository.


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