What is an assistive technology professional

What is an assistive technology professional

What is an assistive technology professional?

How do you know if you need an assistive technology professional? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of assistive technology, give you an overview of what to look for in an AT Professional, and provide some tips and resources on how to find the right AT Professional to fit your needs. We’ll also tell you what to expect from your AT professionals and how they can help you! Let’s get started!

History within education

Assistive Technology Professionals are professionals that specialize in the assessment, evaluation, and implementation of technologies within a variety of settings such as schools and homes. Assistive Technology Specialists in Education work specifically with educators to determine what devices can be used to aid students learning process. To do this, they must assess a student’s skill set, learning process, needs, and other variables before coming up with a list of tools that best suit their needs. It is also important for them to collaborate with teachers. So that both parties understand what each device does and how it will help improve student performance.

Why does Medicare require ATP “in-person” involvement in selecting a rehab wheelchair?

Each Medicare beneficiary is unique, with their medical diagnosis and functional level. As a result, a rehab wheelchair that may be perfect for one person might not work for another. This means that the product selection process can’t be done online. Instead, it must be done in person with a healthcare provider with the knowledge and skills to match the right product to the right patient.

An assistive technology (AT) professional will assess your needs and guide you through this decision-making process. The reason Medicare requires this in-person involvement when choosing a rehab wheelchair boils down to one word: safety.

Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) certification

The ATP certification exams evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of the standards of practice and ethics required to serve as a qualified individual. To become certified, you need a bachelor’s degree in special education or rehabilitation counseling with specific coursework and experience working with people with disabilities. Different credential levels vary from one to three years. To provide their services in some states, ATPs must be licensed professionals. Such as nurses, physicians, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and school psychologists.

Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) Future training

What is an AT Professional? An ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) provides training and assessment to people with disabilities. Assistive technology can include wheelchairs, prosthetics, or any other device that can improve the quality of life for the user. They work with the person’s healthcare team and family to understand physical and cognitive issues. The individual may be experiencing to provide care that meets their needs.


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