What is a mobile app

What is a mobile app

What is a mobile app

A mobile app or application is a computer program. The design of mobile apps is compatible with a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. It is also called a software application. The Mobile applications designer designs apps with a reflection on the demands. Moreover, the purpose of designing mobile apps is to take advantage of what they have. So, I think you understand what is a mobile app easily and quickly. The popularity of mobile apps is increasing day by day by increasing its demand. So, we classify mobile apps into three main types. These types are native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps. In addition, we will discuss these types in detail.


Native Apps

Apps that target a specific mobile platform are known as native apps. Additionally, we design an app that is for Apple devices. Then this app does not run on Android devices. For developing native apps, we require professionals to integrate best-in-class user interface modules. We do this for better performance, regularity, and a good experience for users. That is why these apps are available on App Store or Google Play. Once you installed it on the device. They want access to every feature of the device. These features include a camera, audio, contact list, location, compass, and so on. 


Web-based Apps

By using the standard web technology a web-based application is developed. These technologies are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Proper usage of these apps needs internet access. And some features are available for offline use. These apps redirect the client to the URL. After that, they offer to introduce the application. That is why the web-based application imposes clients to bookmark pages for future viewing. The performance of this application is similar to a web application that we run in a browser. These applications are slower other than native applications.


Hybrid Apps

This application is a combination of native applications and web-based applications. We use different languages for making hybrid apps. These languages are  Apache Cordova, Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, Sencha, and other frameworks. In addition, these applications are develop for supporting native and web technologies on multiple platforms. The process of developing these apps is easier and faster. This application also includes a single codebase that works in many mobile operating systems. These applications have a home screen application symbol, responsive design, fast performance, and options for function disconnection. 

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