What episode does ace die

What episode does ace die

What episode does ace die?

In this article, we discuss What episode does ace die. Ace dies in the events of episodes 482 and 483 of One Piece, during the Marineford Arc, viciously defeated by far stronger Admiral Akainu of the Marines. He carries the killing blow on 482 and passes away in 483. One Piece is one of the longest-running anime series everywhere, airing over 1000 episodes chronicling the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy as he desires to become the Pirate King

In What Episode of One Piece does Ace Die?

 In the manga and anime, Ace is killed by Akainu after defending his brother Luffy from an attack.  Japanese manga, Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu’s alchemy-enhanced punch through his chest. His last words were Brother. In the 4Kids dub, he was killed by Akainu with a fire blast to the face.

Ace’s Death, Explained

Ace is not just an actor. The ace is a symbol of hope, justice, and truth. -Wyatt Halliwell. The youngest Halliwell sibling speaks the truth: Ace is more than just a TV character. He’s been part of our lives since day one, and his death was the first major plot twist that made us all stop and takes notice. Sure, he may have been annoying at times (what teenager isn’t?), but in the end, we knew he always had our backs -and now it’s time for us to return the favor.

How did Portgas D. Ace die in One Piece?

In the One Piece anime and manga, Ace dies in the Battle of Marineford during the war with Whitebeard. The antagonist Admiral Akainu stabs Ace through his chest, who then falls into a pile of rubble and dies. This is different from how he died in the movie released in December 2017. In the movie, he is killed by Admiral Akainu, but he doesn’t die right away. Instead, he gets up and manages to kill some marines before succumbing to his injuries. 

Ace dies on what would have been Roger’s 54th birthday, also known as the day Roger died. Ace never met his father because Roger died before Ace was born.

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