What does clicking and dragging the fill handle

What does clicking and dragging the fill handle

What does clicking and dragging the fill handle

In this article, we discuss What does clicking and dragging the fill handle. I have learned while using Excel that you need to pay attention to what the tools are doing to understand how to use them correctly. For example, I had no idea that when you click and drag on the fill handle, it changes the shape of your current selection. You can see this in the image below, where I added circles around my shapes to make it more clear what I was trying to show in the photo above. This tool would be beneficial if you needed to scale down an image without shrinking or enlarging the selection box around the object you are trying to change in size.

What is clicking and dragging File

Clicking on a textbox often involves selecting a piece of text. But sometimes, you need to copy or cut more than one word. Then, you can use the fill handle to drag out the entire selection with just one click. 

To use this feature, hold down Ctrl+Shift+LMB on Windows or Cmd+Option+LMB for Mac OS X users. This will highlight the selection as you drag it, letting you know precisely what will be selected when you release your mouse button. 

The Fill Handle also works in other programs like Photoshop and Excel.

What is fill handle in Excel, and how it works

Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to create or edit a data table. The fill handle is the small square at the bottom right of your cell. It looks like this: 

To insert new data in that cell, click on the fill handle, then drag it to include all the cells you want to copy. If you want to copy over only one row, click on the top left corner of that row. Then drag it down with your mouse until you get back to where you started. To insert new data in every cell in a column, click on any cell in that column. Then drag it down with your mouse until you get back to where you started.

Using AutoFill in Excel

Then press Ctrl + D to copy down or Ctrl + R to fill correctly. The AutoFill feature in Excel allows you to copy a pattern of numbers. Text, or shapes from one cell to another. To use AutoFill: 

1. Click inside a cell that has text or data.
2. Drag your mouse pointer over the cells where you want to insert the exact text or pattern from the first cell.
3. When you release your mouse button, Excel automatically fills in all cells with what was copied from the original cell.

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