What Do Termites Look Like

What Do Termites Look Like

What Do Termites Look Like

In this article, we discuss What Do Termites Look Like. A termite can be mistaken for an ant, but several key differences between the two insects make identifying termites easy. For example, termites have straight antennae, ants have elbowed antennae, and termites have broader heads than ants, whose heads taper slightly to a pointed tip. Termites also tend to be darker in color than ants, although they are not as black as people often picture them to be. Most 2,200 or so species of termites live in the tropics and have been munching away on wood for more than 250 million years—long before humans began building their homes with lumber. So, here are What Do Termites Look Like.

What colour are termites?

Termites are not a single colour but instead come in a variety of shades depending on what their diets consist of. Some termite species have brown heads with yellow or white bodies, while others can be black and white or brown and red. The size of the termite is also dependent upon which type they are. Some species are as large as three inches long, while others are tiny enough to fit on the head of a pin.

The distinguishing characteristic between ants and termites is that ants have elbowed antennae while termites do not. Ants also have one node between each abdomen segment, whereas all abdomen segments for a termite will be smooth without any nodes present.

How to identify different species of termites

Many species of termites look, but subterranean termites are the most common ones in North America. These can be identified by their reddish-brown colour and long, hair-like setae or bristles. However, there are other types of termites that you may encounter, including dry wood termites and damp wood termites.

Subterranean Termites

Usually found in the soil or underground, termites are called subterranean termites. They get their name from a Latin word meaning earth-eating. Subterranean termite colonies can be as large as 20 million individuals. These insects are social, and each colony has three primary castes: reproductives (queens and kings), workers and soldiers. Queens produce an average of one egg per day but may produce more than 2000 eggs in their lifetime. Eggs hatch into nymphs that grow up to become either winged or wingless adults. The life span of a termite can range from five months to 15 years, depending on its caste.

  • Workers: These soft-bodied termites are pale and cream-coloured.


  • Soldiers: Soldiers have similar colouring to workers but with large heads that are orange or amber in colour.

Drywood Termites

Termites are a type of pest that can cause significant damage to your home if left unchecked. These pests look similar to ants but have wings and six legs. They range from brown to black, and their heads are pear-shaped. The difference between a termite and an ant is that the termite’s antennae are straight, while the ant’s antennae are bent or curved towards its head. If you see these insects crawling around your house, it may be time to call an exterminator. Workers: Like subterranean termites, dry wood worker termites are cream to white.


Soldiers: These include dimmer, orangish-brown heads and filmy bodies.


Reproductives: Drywood swarmers control amber-coloured moderators and dark brown bellies with smoky grey wings.

Formosan Termites

Termites are tiny insects that live in colonies and create tunnels, or mounds, near their food sources. Formosan termites have a dark brown colour with lighter-coloured wings that come out when they’re not moving. They measure about 1/8 of an inch in length and are about as wide as the head of a pin. Workers are about half the size of soldiers, and females are about one-fifth the size of males. Soldiers’ heads have large jaws that can measure from 3 to 4 millimetres long; this is used for chewing through wood and other substances to break down their food source.

Workers: Like additional hireling termites, Formosan hirelings are white to off-white.


Soldiers: These have orangish-brown directors and dull, whitish bodies.


Reproductives: Formosan swarmers are pale, yellowish-brown.

Where do termites live?

Termites likes are a kind of insect that lives in settlements. They are often found in soil, dead trees, or other types of wood. A colony will include the queen termites, male and female termites, worker termites, immature termites and soldier termites. These different types work together to create a thriving colony with an intricate social structure. The queen is the only fertile female in the colony and lays her eggs constantly to keep the population up.

How to prevent termite attacks

Termites are a problem for homes and buildings because they feed on wood. This can cause a lot of damage to structures that are made from wood. To prevent termite attacks, you’ll want to do your best to keep your home dry and clean, as this is the most critical thing in keeping them away. If you have any damaged or rotted areas of your house, you’ll want to repair or replace them as soon as possible.
It would help to inspect the ground below your home for signs of termite activity. If there are any termite droppings or tunnels in the dirt around your foundation, it’s time to call in an exterminator!


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