What defines an untethered experience 

What defines an untethered experience

What defines an untethered experience 

In this article, we discuss what defines an untethered experience. The term untethered experience has been popping up everywhere, and there is some debate about what it means. Some people say an untethered experience refers to an experience that requires no wires, while others say it means an experience that doesn’t require an internet connection to run smoothly. You’ll find even more disagreement over whether this type of experience only applies to computing devices or can be applied to other products and services, like education, entertainment, and exercise. Untethered headsets are handsets that provide a virtual reality experience without requiring any connection cable. They are fully wireless.

These headsets transit and receive content with the help of a Wi-Fi connection.

An illustration of an untethered headset is the Oculus Go which is not attached to a computer.

Untethered experiences vs. tethered ones

A tethered experience requires a physical connection, such as computers and TVs. The only way to use the device is with a hardline Internet connection. An untethered experience, on the other hand, can be used without relying on a physical connection. These include devices like smartphones and tablets. 

While tethered devices are still extremely common in today’s society, there has been a large surge in the popularity of more mobile-friendly solutions. Many factors are driving this shift towards mobile-first, and one of the most prominent concerns is hardware failures due to hackers or weather conditions.

Untethered experiences: pros and cons

An untethered experience can make life a little easier, for a moment or the whole day. The downside is that you need to stay focused and organized all the time. So whether it’s for your schedule or priorities, we hope these five tips will help. 

First, it helps to designate one place as your work zone; this could be at home in front of your laptop or with just a pen and paper when you’re on the go. Then, bring what you need and put it in one place—a leather bag like Senzata might be perfect—so that things don’t get too cluttered in your hands.

Untethered experiences are here to stay.

The experience economy has given way to the need for brands to show up as events, collaborations, experiences, and more. Experiences are also now being created to encourage action and participation. Instead of being mere viewers or consumers of content or products. People now want to be part of what they see unfold before them. They want to see themselves in everything they do, driving the market toward the next evolution: Untethered Experiences.


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