What are toxic substances

What are toxic substances

What are toxic substances?

Toxic substances are chemicals that cause harm to plants, animals, and human health. These substances are founds at some hazardous waste sites. In addition, any chemical which harms the body is regarded as a toxic substance. Many of the items we use in our daily routine contain small amounts of chemicals that adversely affect our health. These affect people including age, exposure duration, health, pregnancy, and alcohol consumption. 

Toxic chemicals can enter the body by inhalation, ingestion, and direct physical contact through the skin. Furthermore, they create different health problems depending on factors such as body size composition, potency, and means of entry. 


Causes and sources of toxic substances

There are the following causes and sources of toxic substances.



Atmospheric pollutants are the result of air emissions of a chemical substance that occurs as a result of the waste of industries. Major sources of atmospheric emissions are coal-fired utilities, boilers, waste to energy, industry wastes, and the smoke of large mills. Moreover, landfills also emit small quantities of chemicals directly into the atmosphere. The toxic atmosphere produces many diseases like pneumonia, breathing problem, malaria, and many others.



Many large industries expel their waste into the rivers. So, the rivers become toxic and affect the lives of water bodies like fish. According to the report, almost 14% of the water bodies are died because of the chemicals released by large industries. 



These chemicals also affect the land. These industries discharge their wastewater into the fields. So, large numbers of the land field are damaging and produce toxic vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, when people these vegetables and fruits, they are infected with various diseases.   

Steps to avoid toxic substances

  • Wash every product before using
  • Use detergents to wash your home after every 4 hours.
  • Use fewer products.
  • Build your farm at your house.
  • Use glass or ceramic bowls for storing food instead of plastics.
  • Keep harmful compounds out of the house.
  • Don’t take your dirty shoes inside the house.
  • Wash your clothes when you come from the office.
  • Test the fertility of your soil every month.
  • Reduce your exposure to chemicals at work or office.
  • Use better fertilizer in your garden to reduce chemical pesticides.


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