Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is an abbreviation of virtual reality. Virtual reality is a technology that is used to regenerate computer images and videos to produce a real-life visual experience. In this article, we talk about virtual reality.  By using computers or mobile that allow you to interact with a 3D world we generate VR. This world is not real. The user must be able to explore and control the 3D world environment. By using VR headsets lens and controllers. These actually have sensors on them for users to be able to test the VR environment.

By moving your head left, right, up, and down. You can repeat these motions inside of VR. This is because the headset has a sensor for tracking your eyes and head. These sensors using for collecting information from your body. On the other hand, the user is creating a 3D environment by exploring with proper devices such as VR headsets. 

  • Virtual reality headsets try to help user to enjoy a 3D environment by putting a screen in front of the user’s eyes. For removing their connection with the real world.
  • The auto-focus lens is also put between each eye and the screen of VR. These lenses are changing on the bases of the movement and location of the eyes. 
  • On the other side, using a computer or mobile that generates the visual to the eye through the lenses on the headset.
  • For connecting a computer to the headset we use an HDMI cable to deliver visuals to the eye through the lenses. But when we use a mobile device to deliver the vision. Then the mobile is climbing directly on the headset such that the lenses of the headsets simply lie on the mobile device display. Furthermore, it magnifies the movement of the eyes with respect to the mobile device image. And finally, it creates the graphics.
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