University of problems guide

University of problems guide

University of problems guide

This university of problems guide gives students the keys they need to get into college, graduate, and get a high-paying job. It’s possible, and many people have done it before. No one said it would be easy, though, so if you follow these steps closely and never give up, you can make it happen too!

What is the university of problems guide?

The University of Problems is an online learning platform that helps people understand and solve the most common problems in their lives. The University of Problems offers free and paid courses. The free courses are designed to introduce people to the methodology and provide a basic understanding of addressing specific issues. These courses are usually around 5 hours long, enough time to get started but not enough time to see actual results. Paid courses vary from one hour to two weeks, with two-week-long courses designed for professionals who want to learn how to integrate these methods into their work.

University Of Problems Guide: Step 
  1. Ask about everything & end the questions
  2. Read the message > Reply
  3. Full Agree (+LU) OR Restrained (+INT)
  4. Answer honestly (+ Carol)
  5. Ask for a favor (+ Carol)
  6. Flirt Carol (+2 Carol) OR Joke (+ Carol and also +INT)
  7. Nope (+ Carol and also +INT)
  8. Turn Around (+LU, also + Carol if Carol >4) OR Waste no time (+INT)
  9. Leave the door open (+LU, also + Carol)
  10. I thought this was just a warm-up (+STR, also + Natalie)
  11.  I tStare (+LU, also + Natalie)
  12.  Respond in Kind (+ Roxy)
  13. Take a shower > Check messages > Reply > Scene > Hold on (Requires LU>4) > Scene
  14. Write her a message x2
  15. Choose: Ashley (+ Ashley), Carol (+ Carol), OR also Yuki (+ Yuki), but recommend Yuki
  16. Hobbies or Plans for the future, if you chose Yuki, Plans for the Future
  1. Walk Around the Campus
  2. Laugh (+ Roxy) > Accept (+ Roxy) > Positively (+ Roxy)
  3. Defend Carol (+ Ashley)
  4. Choose: Both Beauties (+ Carol & + Yuki), Praise Carol (+2 Carol), or also Praise Yuki (+2 Yuki)
  5. You’re Beauty (+INT, also + Yuki) OR You’re good (+LU, also + Yuki)
  6. No Insist (+INT, also + Rachel)
  7. Support (+ Rachel)
  8. Look at the C…(+LU)
  9. I’m Staying
  10. Support Carol
  11. Your choice: Cheerfully or gently
  12.  Reply Sara > Yes, of course (+ Sara)
  13. Help Ashley
  14. Get inside > Look
  15. Reply Sara > I went…I didn’t go very…(+ Sara) > Reply Rachel (+ Rachel) > Reply Carol x2
  16. Quit HSL > I will Help (+ Carol) > About Ashley > I wasn’t there > The Usual Chatter
  17. Hug Carol

Hello, my name is the University of Problems Guide. I am here to help you navigate through the murky waters that are university. My first tip is to find your passion and figure out how to make money off it. If you’re unsure where to start, use this flowchart for guidance on picking a major. The other option is to pick whatever looks fun and learn from experience. There’s no wrong answer to choosing an undergraduate degree- make sure you like what you study!

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