Under the sea refresher

Under the sea refresher

Starbucks has been serving various drinks and snacks for years, but one popular drink has people wondering if it’s genuine. It’s called the “Under the Sea Refresher” and comes in a blue cup with a small fish inside it. The viral picture has people talking about the ingredients in this famous Starbucks drink.

The Viral “Under the Sea Refresher” From Starbucks Has People Wondering If It’s Even Real

The viral “Under the Sea Refresher” from Starbucks is a natural product you can only get at select locations in the United States. And yes, it’s available in Canada. But only if you’re willing to pay an extra $5 on top of your usual order.

The limited-time refreshment is supposed to mimic an ocean swimming pool and includes actual sea salt (not found in any ocean). It comes with a straw and two sips: one for those who want more than just water and another for those who don’t mind getting their fill from a plastic cup filled with salty water. If you’ve ever wondered what Starbucks’ secret menu is, this is it. Starbucks released a drink called the “Under the Sea Refresher”, and it’s completely artificial.
This drink is also blue, green, and downright lovely. The glass may look like it’s from a fantasy movie and is pretty popular. However, people can’t figure out if the drink is natural. Starbucks made the drink to celebrate the company’s collaboration with Disney on a new movie, and the glass is a part of the Mermaid Frappuccino. The drink was released about a week, and it is now off the menu because it was only a promotional item.

Is the “Under the Sea Refresher” at Starbucks real?

You may have wondered if the Starbucks “Under the Sea Refresher” is real. The answer is yes and no: it’s a limited-edition drink that was only available for a few days in May 2019. It was part of the chain’s new “Starbucks Summer Menu,” which features more than 20 items inspired by different cultures and geographic regions worldwide.

The beverage is also made with coconut water, lemon-lime soda (lemonade), sparkling water, and sea salt ice cubes—all of which you can add yourself or have them added for you by your barista at any time after ordering it. The drink comes in two sizes: small (24 ounces) or hefty (32 ounces).

Here’s how you can make an “Under the Sea Refresher” at home.

  • Watermelon, blueberries, and lemon juice: Add a little mint.
  • Ice + honey + lime juice + ginger: Add spirulina powder.
  • Under the sea refresher: Why the most popular trends in TikTok?
  • Under the sea refresher: Why the most popular trends in TikTok?
  • The under the sea refresher is a drink made with blue curacao, coconut milk, and blackberries. It’s topped with whipped cream and a blue sugar rim. The glass is a mixture of fruit, milk, and alcohol.

What is in the Starbucks under the sea refresher?

There are also a bunch of different drinks, including sweet tea and lemonade. There’s also blueberry and pineapple syrup for your drink if you want to make it a little sweeter or spicier than what they have on their menu. They also have crushed ice, perfect if you want something cold!

What is Starbucks’ most popular refresher?

If you want a refresher, look for the under the sea logo. It’s a green tea lemonade with coconut milk and a limited edition. Only 10 cups of this drink are available daily at all Starbucks stores in the United States.

If you don’t see an under-the-sea logo on your cup or can’t find one, don’t worry—they’re still good! Just ask someone else if they’ve seen any around town before grabbing some of this delicious beverage from behind their counter (or wherever).


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