Undefined function eq for input arguments of type cell.

Undefined function eq for input arguments of type cell.

Undefined function eq for input arguments of type cell. In this article, we also discuss the Undefined function eq for input arguments of type cell. The eq function is an undefined function for input arguments of type cells. It compares two cell arrays and determines if they are equal. The eq function can be used to evaluate the equality of the elements of the cell array and to determine the equality of the cell array itself.


The syntax of the eq function is as follows: 

eq(C1, C2), where C1 and C2 are the two cell arrays to be compared. 


The eq function can compare a cell array’s elements and determine if they are equal. It can also be used to compare the order of elements within the cell arrays and determine if they are equal.



The following example demonstrates the use of the eq function:

 C1 = {1,2,3}; C2 = {1,2,3}; eq(C1, C2). 

The output of this example is true, indicating that the two cell arrays are equal. 

 What are the input arguments of the type cell? 

Input arguments of type cells are also variables passed to a function or an operation in the form of a collection of values enclosed in curly brackets ({}). Each value is stored in an individual cell and can be accessed by referencing the cell’s index. Cell arrays can contain values of any data type, including numbers, strings, structures, and other cell arrays. They are also commonly used to store data that is not of a homogenous type.

What is Undefined function eq?

Undefined function eq is also an error message generated when a function that does not exist in the current scope is referenced or called. This can be caused by a typo, an incorrectly-spelled function name, or a function not defined in the current scope. In some languages, it may also be caused by a missing include or library statement.


 The eq function cannot also be used to compare cell inputs. A different function should be used instead.
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