Types of Roofs

Types of Roofs

Types of Roofs

Any roofing can protect your home or business, but how well each type performs depends on your climate and geographic location. Understanding the types of roofs available will help you pick the one that’s right for you and ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Types of roofs include Asphalt shingles, Architectural shingles, Copper roofs, Slate roofs, Wood shakes, Tile roofs, Flat roofs, and more… This guide explains the details about each type of roof and highlights the pros and cons of each one so you can choose what’s best for your home or business.

5 Types of Roofs Every Homeowner Should Know About

The materials that make up your roof are crucial in deciding the longevity and safety of your home. So, whether you’re remodeling or installing a new roof, it’s important to know the four most common types of roofing: asphalt shingle, slate, cedar shake, and clay tile. Each type has distinct features to be aware of—while they all provide excellent protection against rain, hail, and snow. So, here are 5 Types of Roofs Every Homeowner Should Know About.

Gable Roof

A gable roof is one where the roof slopes in two directions, such as a triangle shape. The sloping creates an upside-down ‘V’ when looking from above. The long length creates a long overhang on the lower slope and a short overhang on the upper slope. A more complex version is a gambrel roof with at least three sides. And can also be thought of as halfway between a Dutch and Gothic-style roof.

Clipped Gable Roof

The clipped gable roof is shaped like a triangle and features a straight line over the top of the sloped roof. Clipped Gable Roofs are quite common, providing an attractive shape to some homes while also being very simple in structure.

Dutch Gable Roof

A Dutch Gable Roof is often seen on homes from the Victorian era. Although it can also be seen in more modern homes. The most obvious feature is the long slope on either side of the roof and a second, smaller slope to meet the main roof. This roofing works well in colder climates because it helps avoid trapping cold air during the winter.

Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof, sometimes called a gable roof, is the traditional style seen on barns across the country. The gambrel design has lower side walls than other types of roofs because its shape resembles the framing for a horse’s bent back. It also slopes upward more sharply on both sides, providing more room in the loft upstairs and easier access to hay stored in the loft below.

Hip Roof

-A hip roof has two sloping roof sections that meet at a ridge at the top center. This roof shape is found on houses and bungalows and is easily identifiable. Due to its triangular shape and steep slopes. -The downside to this type of roof design is that it can be difficult to find materials. That will provide a good match in color. However, the upside is that this style offers optimal protection. Wind, rain, and snow as water rolls off the sides rather than collecting on the roof. 

-This style also reduces the energy needed for heating as any water trapped on the roof quickly cools. And releases into drips or flows down to drip over the edge from one side, leaving exposed areas cool.


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