Types of banking jobs

Types of banking jobs

Types of banking jobs

There are many different types of banking jobs. In addition, a banking job is the best way to secure your future. Banking jobs are best for people to want to work in a set environment.

List of career in banking

  • Bank Teller
  • Banker
  • Branch Manager
  • Accountant
  • Investment Banker
  • Foreign Exchange Trader

1. Bank Teller
The bank teller is responsible for helping members cash checks and withdraws money. In addition, it moves transactions to a different account. Moreover, being a teller is a job you will see in any bank. Furthermore, they collect payments and provide balances and account information. So, the salary range for a bank teller is $25000-$ 33500 per year. It is a high-paying skill

2. Banker
They are responsible for meeting with bank members. Both individuals and companies. In addition, bankers can also meet with clients to advise the financial matters. Moreover, a banker candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in finance. Finally, the salary range for a banker is $40,528 per year.

3. Branch Manager
The branch manager manages all the functions of the branch. In other words, it is to build a reputation in the community to attract more customers. Additionally,  It is most commonly used to hire employees. In summary, branch managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of your team. Hence, the salary range for a bank manager is $48,528-$75,770  per year.

4. Accountant
The accountant is responsible for recording and preparing financial transactions. Hence, from $42,529-$79,770  per year salary range for an accountant.

5. Investment Banker
Investment bankers carry out all the processes in the investment banking division of a bank. In addition, it has many various areas of focus. In other words, it can provide financial advice to clients. So, this advice is related to different investment opportunities. So, from the $65,518  per year salary range for an Investment Banker.

6. Foreign Exchange Trader
Foreign exchange traders are responsible for trading foreign. They analyze the market to determine which currencies will perform best.

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