Type Rush: How to be a Top Typist

type rush

Type Rush is the new, addictive typing game that has taken the web by storm! If you want to improve your typing speed, accuracy, and endurance, try Type Rush today. This exciting game will have you hooked from the very first keystroke. You can even challenge your friends and family to see who has better typing skills! Download now on Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone devices.

Introduction of Type Rush

Type Rush is an online typing game for players of all skill levels. TypeRush challenges players to type as many words as possible in 30 seconds. The game is simple yet challenging and will require players of all skill levels to improve their typing skills. Type Rush also has leaderboards that allow players to compare their scores with others worldwide. In addition, the game has exciting features such as customizable avatars and challenges that will keep players entertained for hours on end.


What is Type rush?

Type Rush is an online typing test that measures your typing speed and accuracy. It’s free, fun, and easy to use! All you need is your computer and some time. TypeRush will track your progress over time to see how much you have improved. You can find out where you rank among other testers worldwide by signing up for the leaderboards.


How does type rush work?

Type Rush is a typing game for your phone or tablet. Type Rush will keep track of the words per minute you type and display your results on the leaderboard. The faster and more accurate you type, the higher your rankings. Type Rush also offers an online community of typing enthusiasts where you can chat with other players, ask questions, and share tips and tricks.

Type rush is free to download on iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire devices. When starting up, select TypeRush as your username, so others know who you are!


Is type racer free?

Type Rush is the first game designed exclusively for touchscreen devices that lets you compete in a race against friends and strangers alike. Players must choose one of three game modes: Race, Time Attack, or Multiplayer. Race mode pits your typing skills against up to four other players, racing each other head-to-head. Time Attack mode tests you in quickfire intervals, forcing you to type as many words as possible within the set time limit. Finally, Multiplayer mode allows two players on the same device (i.e., iPhone) to play head-to-head by sharing the keyboard space between them.


How do you play with friends on type rush?

Type Rush is an online multiplayer game where players type as fast as they can to win. Players type words on the screen and earn points for every word they type. The player with the most points at the end of 10 rounds wins the game! 

Type Rush has two modes of play, solo, and party mode. In solo mode, you play against computer-controlled opponents; in party mode, you compete against other human players online. You can also play with friends by inviting them from your Facebook account or adding them to your Type Rush contact list.


The Rules

Type rush is a typing game with both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game’s object is to type as many words as possible in the allotted time, using all ten fingers on both hands. To play, you first choose between ‘single player’ and ‘multiplayer’. In single-player mode, you compete against computer-generated players of varying difficulty levels and speeds; in multiplayer mode, you can play against friends or other players worldwide. If playing with friends, before starting each round of play, select either ‘tournament’ or ‘Freeplay’. Tournament mode pits two players against each other, while Freeplay allows two or more people to type together.


Tips and Tricks

It is all about building up your typing speed and accuracy. If you want to play with friends, you’ll need to find them through the leaderboard or create an in-game room. For players worldwide to compete against each other, Type Rush uses a ranking system that considers speed and accuracy. For example, if you type the word help as quickly as possible but make several mistakes, your score might be less than someone who organizes assistance slowly and produces no errors. Even though it’s more complex, the player with no mistakes will get a higher score because they can type more words per minute.


High Scores

It is an arcade-style typing game that is all about speed. The game tests your ability to type as fast as possible, and it’s not uncommon for players to reach up to 100 words per minute while playing Type Rush. The game’s goal is simple – type as many letters as possible before your time runs out! The notes get faster and faster each round to make things more challenging. There are three rounds in total, and if you have the quickest time at the end of each round, you’ll win that round!



It is a fun, engaging game that will help you become better at typing. It is available on the App Store for free and can be played on both iPhone and iPad. It’s such an addicting game that you will return for more! The competition aims to type as many words as possible before time runs out. You are given three seconds per word, and the game will end if you mistype or run out of time. It has nine modes ranging from arcade games to timed speed rounds. You get points based on how fast you type. So try your best to avoid any mistakes! This app is great because there are no ads. So all your concentration can go towards playing the game.


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