What is tokenization

It is the process of replacing data with unique identification. It is really from encryption. But the two-term are used differently. In other words, the tokenization must be secured. Furthermore, it is a way of separating a piece of text into smaller units called tokens. For example, “never give up”.
Similarly, tokens can be characters or subwords. For example, “ smarter’ and s-m-a-r-t-e-r.

Uses of Tokenization

It is often use to protect bank account information. Furthermore, It is used to protect e-commerce sites and mobile wallets. Moreover, it is used an index function. Further, It may be used for sensitive data. For example, medical records, criminal records, and bank accounts. Then, it improves sensitive data.

Benefits of Tokenization

It makes it more difficult for hackers to gain access to sensitive data. Therefore,  It is further compatible with system encryption. In other words, it uses the same data format and requires no additional storage. Additionally, tokens improve both performance and security. 
In fact, it reduces the way involved in complying with PCI regulations.

Types of Tokenization

1. High-value token
It serves for actual PANs in the payment transactions. Uniquely, it can be use as an instrument for completing a payment transaction. Additionally, HTVs can also to bound to physical devices and geographic locations.

2. Low-value tokens:
LVTs also act for actual PANs in the payment transactions. So, they serve a different purpose. However, it cannot be use by themselves to complete a payment transaction.

3. Utility token:
 These tokens may give direct access to the product or platform. Furthermore, there are create to act something. In addition, it adds value to the functioning of the product.
Where Did Tokenization come from?
It was first created by TrustCommerece in 2001. It helps a client protect card information. In a word, these develop a system that replaced PANs.As a security concern, such first generation proves technology value.


Secure sensitive data with tokenization:

It is a popular way to protect data. Additionally, it plays an important role in data privacy. In other words. The focus line business is to help users secure data.      





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