The bold and the beautiful spoilers

The bold and the beautiful spoilers

The bold and the beautiful spoilers

In this article, we discuss The bold and the beautiful spoilers. You’ve just watched the latest episode of The Bold and the Beautiful; now it’s time to find out what’s going to happen next! These are the spoilers you need to know about if you want to be up to date with your favorite soap opera. Tune in on Monday at 2 pm EST on CBS!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 30:

Liam is in charge of the fashion show on the Bold and the Beautiful this week. Brooke pays a visit to Katie’s office to thank her for standing by her at the trial. Hope clarifies to Liam that she doesn’t want him involved with Steffy. Quinn arrives from Europe to find out Thomas is missing. She goes into labor but is too distraught over Thomas’ disappearance to focus on having a healthy baby. Ridge is disappointed when he learns Liam has taken Steffy back again. Meanwhile, Bill tells Brooke that he’ll be CEO of Forrester Creations as long as he has what he needs from her-her silence on Stephanie’s whereabouts. Finally, Rick requests Hope leave town, or Rick will never talk to his daughter again.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for the week of October 3

Brooke begins her new real estate venture with Thorne’s help, but Bill does not want anything to do with it. To make matters worse for Brooke, Bill tells Rick he needs help on another project. Brooke talks to Bill about their differences when Rick overhears the conversation outside the door. Rick gets upset at Bill for what he heard while trying to figure out what he should do next.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, October 4:

Bold & Beautiful starts with Steffy getting ready for her date with Liam. He arrives, and she’s waiting on the doorstep; he hugs her, and they kiss. They’re talking about how great it is to be back in each other’s lives when Brooke interrupts. She wants to talk to him alone, but he tells her they can speak in the living room while he takes care of things in the kitchen. Brooke asks if he’s still mad at her for not telling him about Sally’s pregnancy, but he doesn’t answer. Instead, he says that he was happy for them when Steffy got pregnant because she had his baby and said it was a blessing from God.

Top  Moments 

The Bold and the Beautiful is a CBS soap opera that has been on for over 30 years. The show premiered in 1987 but aired on television as early as 1983. Recently, there have been many high-profile moments from the show, including the return of Donna Logan (actress Jennifer Gareis). We are excited to share our top 10 moments with you! 1) The return of Donna Logan: Donna’s back! This phrase was quite often during the Bold and the Beautiful season. Everyone knew she would return, but not when or how. On November 6, 2018, viewers were finally treated to what they had been waiting for with the episode where Donna Logan returns home after being presumed dead for five years.

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The Bold and the Beautiful is an American television soap opera that was first broadcast on March 23, 1987. It has aired continuously since then. This show features the wealthy, upper-class residents of the fictional Southern California city of Los Angeles. The show revolves around the Forrester family, who own an international fashion house. The program takes place in a ‘soap bubble,’ with characters who are wealthy or powerful living on one side of town while other ordinary people live on the other side of town.


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