Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics. That concerns the collection, analysis, description, and inference of decisions from qualitative data. The mathematical theories behind statistics depend on different other ideas. These theories are differential, integral, linear algebra, calculus, and theory of probability. A statistic is a highly interdisciplinary area.  In this field, there are two ideas. These ideas are variation and uncertainty. 

Many problems that we face in science which the result is unknown. But in some cases, the uncertainty is not determined because it is the outcome in question. Probability is a mathematical language. In addition, we use it to discuss uncertain events and probability. These play a vital role in statistics. The data collection step or any measurement is subject to several sources of variation. We mean that by this if it repeats the same measure. Furthermore, its answer is also changed. Statisticians try to understand and manage the sources of variation in any case. 

People who do statistics are mainly concerned with deciding how to draw reliable decisions about large groups. And public events from the manners and other visual characteristics of short samples. Moreover, these samples represent a portion of the large group or several instances of the general phenomenon.

Some Important Key Points

  • It is the study of manipulating data, reviewing, and drawing decisions from data.
  • There are two major measurements these are descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • We use many sampling techniques to compile statistical data that contain simple random, systematic, stratified, and cluster sampling.
  • Statisticians are almost present in every branch of every company.  In addition, it is an integral part of funding as well.

Descriptive Statistics

In descriptive statistics, we focus on central tendency, variability, and distribution of data. It also means the estimate of the characteristics, a typical element of a population. Furthermore, it includes descriptive statisticians such as mean, median, and mode.

Inferential Statistics

Inferential statistics are those tools that statisticians use to conclude the characteristics of people, drawing from the elements of a model. We also decide how certain they can be of the dependability of those decisions.

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