software engineer behavioral interview questions

software engineer behavioral interview questions

software engineer behavioral interview questions

It takes only an hour to know a candidate for a tech company. So, a behavioral interview focuses on your experience in any software field. Hiring HR managers use the software engineer behavioral interview questions. The behavioral interview is much more varied compared to the technical. 

These interviews are designed to know your personality, work experience, and background. 

One of the most important ways to prepare for this interview is to make sure you can talk about each section of your resume. To qualify for your following behavioral interview we have put together some of the top software engineer behavioral interview questions. These questions are taken from large companies like Automattic, Dropbox, Microsoft, and buffer. Hence, here are some sample interview questions.

  1. Why do you want to work for XYZ company?

In this question, they would ask you about interest in XYZ company. Because you have to tell them about your choice.

 Why do you want to leave your current XYZ company?

In this question, they probably want to know the main reason and why you want to leave your current company.

 What are you looking for in your upcoming role?

It is a very clever question, in which they want to know about your new role. On this bases, they would judge your position in the previous company.

  1. Tell me, have you ever conflicted with a co-worker?

In this question, they want to know about your temper and personality. Moreover, how do you meet with others, and what’s your behavior with them?

  1. Tell me about your favorite projects you have worked on

In this question, you can learn about how a person thinks.

  1. Tell me about a specific thing you positively impacted on a program you did

In this question, you show your leadership abilities and also problem-solving skills.

  1. What are the most challenging bugs you fixed in the past?

They want to judge your skill and how you tackle any problem.

  1. Name different challenges you tackle in the past.

This question is the same as above because they also want to know about the strategy. 

  1. What are you most excited about?

They wanted to know about your passion for their company. And how you would perform.

  1. What frustrated you the most?

This question summarize the habits or things that frustrate you the most.

  1. Imagine it is your first day at our company. What do you like to do, and what features would you also improve?

Hence in this question, you would tell them about some weak points that you want to improve in this company to achieve your goal.

  1. What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

Here you have to tell them your most interesting project. Those projects that grow you. Because those projects strong your position in any company.

  1. Tell me if you had any disagreement with your manager?

This question is also famous because the interviewees wanted to know about your background history in the previous organization. They took disagreement as a negative factor.  So, be careful at this point.

  1. Where do you do your best work?

Tell them about the best work of your career. Tell those work that might you know that it was the best work in my whole career. 

  1. What is the most constructive feedback you have received in your career?

Here you have to tell them about the most constructive feedback that motivates you. When you face a problem during your work and someone encourages you.

  1. Have you ever met a tight deadline?

Hence, at this point, you have to tell them had you ever produced mistakes at work and that you feel a tight deadline.

  1. Time management has become a major factor. Give me some examples of management skills you have learned before.

They check your punctuality on these points. Punctuality is the main factor in productivity.

 Tell me if you ever face tension or problem while doing a job.

Problems that you face during your work. How do you manage or tackle the problem?

  1. Are you criticized for your work?

They wanted to know about the mistake you have ever perform. And through that mistake, you have ever been criticized by a manager.

 Tell me why you will be a good fit for your position?

In this interview question, they ask you. How would you be able to fit your position? Because they want to know about ability.

  1. What would you achieve in the next six months after being hired?

It is a famous question that asks in every organization by software engineers. Hence, at this point, you have to tell them your strategy is to perform work, complete projects on time, and your ability. They need to check “how liable you are?”.  They also checked  “you can help to achieve the company goal”. 


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