Signature Look of Superiority

Signature Look of Superiority

Signature Look of Superiority

Attire and first impressions go hand in hand; you won’t get far in your career if you don’t have the look of superiority. The secret to impressing everyone around you isn’t expensive clothing or accessories; it’s how you carry yourself and make others feel when they interact with you. In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of developing your signature look of superiority through assertive posture and the right wardrobe choices, which will improve your confidence and help you make more impressive first impressions.

Signature Look of Superiority: Instructions

The Signature Look of Superiority is a visual manifestation of your superiority. It can be as simple as a single word, or it can be more elaborate and personalized. The most important thing is that it’s universal, easily understood, and identifiable. You want people to know who you are on sight. So be sure to sign your work so that people know you’re the one who made this mark.


The latest fashion trend is the look of superiority. This can be by wearing a pristine white dress shirt with a suit and tie or a crisp blue collared shirt with jeans. Another option is to wear a navy blazer over top of your clothes. The look of superiority can also be if you are wearing a business suit, striped trousers, and black dress shoes. All these clothing options have one thing in common: they are all clean and pressed. Which gives off the appearance that you are successful, hardworking, and well put together.


The originator of the look is unknown, but the term can be traced back to a comment made by American basketball player Charles Barkley. In an interview with Larry King in 1993. Barkley was asked about his thoughts on Michael Jordan’s new Nike Air Jordan shoe line. He replied that Jordan wears those because it makes him feel like he’s better than other people. The term was used in a Nike commercial where Charles Barkley says I’m better than this guy and walks away in disgust after dunking on a child. A Nike spokesman claims the spot inspired Barkley’s comments during halftime at the 1992 NBA All-Star Game. When he said I’m not playing these games for these people out here. And I don’t want to embarrass myself.

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