San judas tattoo

San judas tattoo

Are you thinking of having a San judas tattoo? Let’s see if you are ready to have one. Some tattoo designs might not look good on your skin, so we recommend making sure that you like the design before committing to it being inked onto your skin for life. If you are thinking about having a tattoo of San judas design inked onto your body, there are some things that you need to consider first before making that decision and getting the tattoos designed.


The History of San Judas

San Judas is a Christian saint who was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. He is believed to have been stoned to death in A.D. 65 by the Jews and then buried in an unmarked grave on the banks of the river Jordan. The site has remained a pilgrim destination for centuries, and over time, stories began to arise that he had saved those who had been condemned to death from the wrath of God. It was said that he would appear in their dreams and tell them where his body lay. So they could free themselves from their sin by washing themselves in the Jordan River before daybreak.


The Meaning of San Judas

San Judas Tadeo is a saint of the Catholic Church and of great importance in Mexico, where he is considered the patron saint of lost things. In some regions, he is also known as San Rafael Bueno, Saint Raphael the Good or Saint Raphael of Good Health.

San Judas Tadeo became so well-known because of his life among the poor, his practice of charity and prayer, and his dedication to helping animals. He was famous for not eating meat or drinking wine but only milk; this earned him the nickname The Milkman. 

He would work with sheep and cows daily but preach at night. His preaching was so popular that people from all over Mexico came to hear him speak.


The Different Types of San Judas Tattoos

Other variations include an outline of San Judas kneeling at the feet of Jesus Christ with a long tongue sticking out or an image of San Juda breaking chains with his teeth and hands. Some people prefer to have red ink put inside each letter. So it looks like blood dripping from the notes, but these types are less common than other variations.


The Placement of San Judas Tattoos

Typically, San Judas tattoos are small and straightforward to make it clear that they represent a sin or an act of evil while still being subtle enough that they can be covered easily with clothing should the wearer need to go into public without offending anyone.


The Symbolism of San Judas Tattoos

San Judas is a patron saint of the damned. He is often called upon for help with difficult decisions. Since San Judas betrayed Jesus and was later repentant, he is seen as someone who understands betrayal and regrets it immensely. This makes him an ideal saint to call upon when making a difficult decision. San Judas tattoos may be a good choice for those who want to show their allegiance to the devil because Satanists often use him as their patron saint.


The Significance of San Judas Tattoos

The Catholic Church considers San Judas the patron saint of desperate situations. He was a Jew who betrayed Jesus, but he repented and eventually became an evangelist in his own right. In some traditions, San Judas represents a time when we are tempted to do something terrible and it is our conscience that helps us resist these temptations. When people struggle with attraction or feel like they need protection against them. They might consider getting a San Juda tattoo as a reminder not to give in.


10 best Idea San Judas Tattoo Idea 

There is the following 10 best Idea San Judas Tattoo Ideas:

  1. Cross San Judas Tattoo
  2. San Judas Tattoo Money Rose 
  3. San Judas Tattoo Memento Mori
  4. San Judas Tadeo Tattoo Small
  5. San Judas Tattoo (Chest)
  6. San Judas Tattoo Wrist
  7. San Judas Tattoo Back
  8. San Judas Tattoo Arm
  9. San Judas Tattoo Forearm
  10. San Judas Tattoo Letters


  1. Cross San Judas Tattoo

Today, many people do not know what a San Juda is and have never seen one before. There was a time when San Judas was famous, but now it’s more of an underground scene that still has some followers. The tattoo tradition stems from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, where Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. He hung himself in shame after he saw Jesus on the cross. And then his body fell to earth and landed upside down which is why it’s often depicted as such.


  1. San Judas Tattoo Money Rose 

The San Judas Tattoos Money Rose is a trendy and famous tattoo design. This rose is inked on both the upper left and right side of the chest. The two roses are different in meaning, one rose is for the lover who has passed away, and the other is for living life to the fullest. The San Judas Tattoos Money Rose is also done with a barbed wire around it to symbolize pain but also strength. 

The background of this tattoo can be simple or complicated depending on what you like or what artist you choose to do your ink. Some may choose an elaborate location. Others will keep it simple so that they can focus on how it looks when it’s finished.


  1. San Judas Tattoo Memento Mori

The black and white San Judas Tattoo Memento Mori is a symbolic design. The picture shows the skull of death as it sits atop a burning stack of bones representing mortality and worldly attachments. A lantern in hand represents the release of the soul from purgatory and continues to heaven with all sophisticated materiality being burnt away in the fire.


  1. San Judas Tadeo Tattoo Small

San Judas Tadeo is a patron saint of lost causes. He’s the person to pray to when you can’t do anything else. For this reason, it makes sense that he would also be the patron saint of tattoos and piercings. San Judas Tadeo is said to have appeared in a vision to St. John of God during his illness in 1550, urging him not to give up hope. The San Juda Tadeo Tattoo symbolizes this message with an image of Christ on one side and San Judas Tadeo on the other side of the cross. This is a reminder that even through hard times, we should keep going.


  1. San Judas Tattoo (Chest)

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  1. San Judas Tattoo Wrist

Although they are a Christian symbol, San Judas tattoos have roots in both Western Africa and Eastern Europe. San Judas was the patron saint of good health. Many people with medical problems had San Judas tattoos to pray for healing. 


  1. San Judas Tattoo Back

The San Judas Tattoos Back is a tribal-style back piece that features a skull with horns and roses on top. It has an elaborate design that starts from the lower back and goes up to the shoulder blades. The roses are in three different colours, and the skull is framed by flowers, which gives it a feminine touch. The design can include other elements like animals, flowers or other symbols.


  1. San Judas Tattoo Arm

The San Judas Tattoo arm is one of the most detailed arm tattoos and should take a person three-to-four hours to complete. The feeder features two skulls at the elbow, two wreaths with roses on the back of the hand, and a banner that reads San Judaiz in script lettering. A bumblebee flies above one of the skulls while an owl and an eagle are perched below it. The sun shines above them all.


  1. San Judas Tattoo Forearm

I got my first tattoo at San Judas. I will never forget when the artist asked me to point out where I wanted it. He then sketched it on my arm with a marker and then transferred it onto paper. The process was so quick but fun and exciting! After the design was complete, we started discussing what colours I wanted for the different parts of my tattoo. I wanted a light blue with an orange outline because those are my favourite colours. The artist did one layer of the colour and made sure that I liked it before continuing with the rest of the layers on top of each other to get a full-colour effect. 


  1. San Judas Tattoo Letters

In this Tattoo, there is a series of letters. These letters spell out the word San. The letters are written in a very artistic manner. There are many different shades of colours and textures used in these letters. The terms look like they have been weathered away over time to give them an antique look. 

This tattoo also has a skull and crossbones below the word San. This has caused some people to speculate that this could be a pirate’s name or nickname. However, it could also indicate death because the skull and crossbones symbolize the end of sailors on ships due to shipwrecks and storms.


Final Words 

The name of the San Judas Tattoos Shop is taken from the saint’s day of November 25th, one of Mexico’s most important holy days. The shop’s logo is a stylized version of an Aztec tlahuelpuchi, a carved stone relief with a human face and hands. The tlahuelpuchi is considered by many to be an Aztec god of healing and life.


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