Range of motion exercises

Range of motion exercises

Range of motion exercises

It is the capability of a joint to go through its actual spectrum of movement. In addition, the range of motion can be active. There is a passive range and dynamic range of motion. Furthermore, the dynamic range of motion is the range of motion that when opposing muscles contract and relax. In addition, Range of motion therapy is beneficial in recovery from soft tissue. Furthermore, range of motion exercise refers to the activity. Therefore, it to aimed at improving the movement of a specific joint. In this article, we are discussing a range of motion exercises.

Types of range of motion Exercise
There are three types of range of motion in exercise.

1. Passive Range of Motion:
Movement is applied to a joint solely by another person or a passive motion machine. Likewise, the passive range of motion called for the connection of an individual receiving exercise to be completely relaxed. Furthermore, the outside force moves the body part. Such as a leg or arm, throughout the convenient range.


  1. Active Assisted Range of Motion
    Joint receives partial assistance from an outside force. Meanwhile, this range of motion may develop from the majority. Similarly, it is away by an exerciser or person assisting the individual. Furthermore, it also may be a half and half effort on the joint from each source.

    3. Active Range of Motion:
    The movement of a joint is provided entirely by the individual performing the exercise. After that, there is also no outside force aiding in the action.

    Range of movement Exercise can:
    Joints maintain a balanced range of motion through also regular use and stretching of the soft tissues. In other words, just 10 minutes of stretching three times a week can help raise a range of motion. For instance, it is a growing movement at a joint. In other words, it improves movement efficiency. Also, it decreases the pain.

    Benefits of range of Motion Exercise
    There are also benefits of the range of motion exercise.
    1. Improvement Circulation
    2. Improve Muscle strength
    3. Maintains Flexibility
    4. Reduce Pest

    In other words, passive range of motion exercise where someone is helping you to grow your flexibility. Moreover, active range of motion exercises can boost your range of motion.

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