Project Management tools free

Project Management tools free

Project Management tools free

Project management tools help you easily manage your projects, wherever you are and on whatever device you use. Here’s our pick of the best project management tools – some are free so you can try them all!

Project Management Tools Benefits

One of the most effective and arguably essential tools organizations use to streamline the project management process is project management software. So the next time you’re looking for new software or upgrades to your current software, here are some benefits to consider: 

Many different types of project management tools are available on the market today. As a result, it can be hard to know where to start. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of some of the most common software and why you might want them. When deciding what type of software is best for your company, you must consider your needs and budget limitations when making this decision.


Top Free Project Management Tools

Here are the following free project management tools:


1) Trello

Trello is a free project management tool with boards for each of your projects. It’s much like a whiteboard that anyone can update and see simultaneously. You can drag and drop cards, comment on them, set due dates, assign tasks to people in your team, and comment on those too. Trello is also very simple, so it should be perfect for beginners and more experienced businesspeople. 

Trello is also available on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.


2) Asana

Share calendars, assign tasks, and get daily updates on your progress— all in one place! The great thing about Asana is that it allows you to create granular tasks alongside more broad ones— perfect for running any business, from a solo startup to a global corporation. In addition, you can add due dates, deadlines, assignees, and labels to keep everything organized.


3) ClickUp

ClickUp is a simple project management software that runs on the cloud. It allows users to work together in real-time on tasks and sub-tasks. For example, when you share your timeline and deadlines with your team, you’ll be able to assign resources, track progress, generate reports, identify bottlenecks, and deliver projects on time. 

Clients don’t have to learn new programs or technologies–all they need is a browser. There’s no installation required, so the setup is fast. And it has collaborative features like chat and polls so teams can stay engaged in the discussion from start to finish–even if they’re scattered around the world.


4) Instagantt

Keeping organized can be challenging with all the different tasks you’re juggling, but it’s crucial to organize your day effectively to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Using Instagantt as a project management tool will help you get everything done on time and provide you with a single view of all your projects so that you can see exactly where they stand. The nice thing about this tool is that it’s available on the go, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing if you need to access something quickly or send an update to your team. Instagantt provides an efficient way for teams and individuals to get their work done faster and better while keeping everything organized and up-to-date.


Features of Instagantt

This project management tool is ideal for small teams because it’s simple. It has many features that do the planning, organizing, and keeping track of work easy. You can customize your dashboard with a calendar and an agenda view, each editable, so you get the view you need. Projects are categorized by their type– whether they’re tasks or milestones– making it easier to locate the things you need quickly. Collaborating with teammates makes it easier by using the comments feature to explain why you did something or answer questions other team members may have. This tool allows you to easily assign tasks and check off what’s been completed, ensuring everything stays organized and gets done on time.


5) Wrike 

At its core, Wrike is a task and project management software. It cannot be easy to wrap your head around how you should use it. The best way to get a good feel for how the app works are to go for it! Create a few different projects with as many tasks as you like, give them appropriate deadlines and dependencies, add in some user permissions and start assigning tasks within teams. Once everything is set up, you can use Wrike’s collaboration features to chat with your team members, track what they’ve done so far and have conversations about ongoing work.


6) Paymo

Since we launched our company, Paymo, project management has been the top priority. But it wasn’t easy finding the right solution at first. We tried Basecamp but couldn’t afford the $100/month subscription. Trello worked great for us until we got over 25 projects on there and had to pay an additional $3/month to get anything close to the level of service we wanted – things got expensive quickly!


7) Airtable

Anyone with a good idea for a project or goal can benefit from being able to organize their thoughts and progress in an easy-to-use interface. It’s often frustrating to have all your information in one place but not figure out how to get the most important pieces you need at any given time. Of course, you could use an old-fashioned pen and paper, but you might risk forgetting or losing important data. Airtable offers a solution: it makes managing projects easier than ever by allowing users to keep all their information organized in one location.


8) GoodDay

  1. Planning Your Project – When considering your project and tasks, it is important to take into account various factors, including what you need to accomplish in a specific amount of time, how much money it will cost to complete the project, and the risks. In addition, if you plan, you can more effectively manage your project by assigning due dates for tasks that may otherwise remain unfinished.
  2. Resource Scheduling – To create a formal schedule for each task or sub-project that needs to complete. You will need resources such as workforce, capital equipment, or skillsets that may be too difficult or costly to allocate without proper scheduling.


9) Jira

Version control, bug tracking, Agile task management, and code review. Jira offers all of these. 

– Version control: Save work-in-progress versions of a file and synchronize files between team members in the same location—review changes to code without touching it by branching off or reverting to previous versions with ease. 

– Bug tracking: Create workflows for error fixes so that everything is routed through your team as needed. Link issues to a particular issue ID or assign them automatically if they come from a shared spreadsheet like Excel.


10) Smartsheet

Save time, collaborate more effectively, and increase efficiency with Smartsheet project management software. Whether collaborating on a multi-user project or running a single business, Smartsheet provides an all-in-one suite of tools to help you manage your projects from start to finish. #1 rated among Gartner’s ‘Best Project Portfolio Management Software’ category for the last five years. Available for Desktop & Web. 


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