Presidents Day 2023

presidents day 2023

The Day we celebrate as Presidents Day 2023 is a holiday that some celebrate. It’s only an official federal holiday in three states: Vermont, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. But if you live in one of those states or another where the date falls between February 16th and 23rd (which includes most other states), this is still a day worth celebrating!

When is Presidents Day 2023?

The date for the celebration of Presidents Day 2023 is Monday, February 20. It’s a good idea to know what this holiday is about so that you can plan accordingly.

What is Presidents Day?

Presidents Day is a federal holiday celebrating George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays. It’s celebrated on the third Monday of February, which makes it a bit tricky to keep track of if you’re not in the country then or don’t live on one of those days.

President Rutherford B. Hayes created the holiday in 1879 to honor presidents who had died during their terms or at some point before their terms ended. Today, Presidents Day honors all former presidents—including those who served under different names (for example: “George Washington” became “Washington”).

Why do we celebrate the federal holiday?

The federal holiday celebrates the birthday of George Washington, who was born on February 22, 1732. This is often referred to as President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday, but we prefer to call it Presidents’ Day because it honors all presidents and their work since 1789.

The Day marks a time to recognize the accomplishments of our forefathers who created this country through their hard work and dedication. It also allows us to reflect upon how far we’ve come as a nation and what still needs fixing today.

Who gets Presidents Day off?

If you work for a company and have Presidents Day off, then it’s up to your boss to give you the Day off. If you don’t get the Day off, your job is more important than enjoying the holiday with family. Moreover, if you get the Day off, it’s up to your boss whether they want their employees working!

So who gets Presidents Day off? Schools are closed on this Day because they have all of their kids in class and need them there so they can learn how to spell correctly (or whatever.) Government offices close too; there are only a few people working at these places if everyone else is out of town celebrating holidays with friends and family members. Banks close down, too–they don’t want anything bad happening during this time because most banks won’t be open anyway since everyone has gone home for Presidents Day! That means banking services during this holiday only if there’s an emergency, like someone trying to rob another bank without knowing where their safe deposit box is inside said building itself.


Although Presidents Day is primarily a federal holiday, some states and cities have their observances. For instance, the city of Detroit observes President’s Day in Michigan. In addition to this celebration on February 20 itself being called “President’s Day,” there are other names used by various groups, such as “President’s Day Observance” or “Presidents’ Day Observance.”

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