Pirates of the Caribbean: tales of the code: wedlocked

pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked

Pirates of the Caribbean: tales of the code: wedlocked. An all-new action-packed novel based on the all-new Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales! In this thrilling adventure, discover how Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew of pirates are pulled into a treacherous quest that could save or destroy their immortal souls! Witness the return of an old rival, a powerful new foe with an age-old grudge, and the story behind Salazar’s madness—an evil so great it threatens the destruction of every pirate at sea! Don’t miss the thrilling exploits in this action-packed prequel novel to the blockbuster film from Walt Disney Pictures! So, let’s discuss Pirates of the Caribbean: tales of the code: wedlocked in this article.


The theory behind the story

The story of the code is a prequel to the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The story tells how Davy Jones and William Turner met their wives. It also explains how Calypso was imprisoned and why pirates need all those pieces of soul. It also brings back some of the most famous pirate legends, such as Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and Jack Sparrow (a.k.a. Captain Teague). This book is a must-read for any fan of Disney’s Pirates movies or anyone who wants to know more about one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises.



  • Johnny Depp – Captain Jack Sparrow
  • John Vickery – Auctioneer
  • Vanessa Branch – Giselle
  • Lauren Maher- Scarlett
  • David Bailie – Cotton
  • Walter Williamson – The Marquis D’avis, The Rich Pirate
  • Jack Donner – Jerome, The Old Pirate
  • Ric Sarabia – Nigel, The Skinny Pirate
  • Lucas Cheadle – Pirate Band – Upright Bass
  • Steven Gurr – Pirate Band – Guitar
  • Norman Panto – Pirate Band – Accordion
  • Fred Maske – Atencio, The Poor Pirate
  • Martin Horsey – Gregor, The Drunk Pirate
  • Barry Cullison – Slurry Gibson
  • Christopher Rocha – Mungard
  • Dale Dickey – Oona, The Wench
  • Christopher Maxwell – Dante, The Handsome Pirate
  • Joel Pargman – Pirate Band – Fiddle
  • Richard Robertson 
  • Omar Mohammed 
  • Cory Montgomery 
  • Dennis O’Neill 
  • Alan Prampin 
  • Randolph Scott – Pirates
  • Martin Pierron – Auctioneer Assistant
  • Diana Cignoni 
  • Karla Cook 
  • Adam Allee 
  • Keith Arndt
  • Frank Bettag 
  • Frank Giarmona 
  • Nicole Dionne 
  • Roberta Kooistra 
  • Alethea Kutscher 
  • Allison Long 
  • Paula Long 
  • Lindsey Martin – Wenches
  • Albert Lund 
  • Greg Reeves 


The narrator makes it all come together

The story begins with a man named Stefano, who is in love with a woman named Carina. He hires two pirates to find her, but they kidnap her and steal her map. They give it to another pirate, who becomes Captain Hector Barbossa. Barbossa steals Blackbeard’s treasure and gives it to King George II so that he can get his hands on Carina. But she escapes before he can marry her! Meanwhile, William Turner (also known as Bootstrap Bill) washes up on an island and befriends Pintel and Ragetti, who aid him in finding the treasure of Davy Jones.


What we can learn from this story?

  1. Always back up your work. 
  2. Never download anything that you need clarification on. 
  3. You can’t trust anybody, even if they seem harmless and friendly. 
  4. Keep calm and don’t panic, or you’ll make irreversible mistakes–even if it’s just a simple typo!
  5. It’s essential to be able to take care of yourself and know what to do in a crisis as well as when things go wrong with your computer or other technical equipment–you never know when it might come in handy, so learn how to do it right! 6.

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