New technology inventions

New technology inventions

New technology inventions

As the world is advancing, so new technology inventions are also increasing. Now, technology plays a significant role in our life. It makes our work easy and reduces our efforts. Many innovations in the world are possible with the help of new technologies. There are a lot of new inventions in technology that we are discussing here.


List of new technologies


  1. Humanoid Robot
  2. AI Image Generation
  3. 3D Printed Bones
  4. FoldableTech Device
  5. Color Changing Cars
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Flying Vehicles


Humanoid Robot

A humanoid robot resembles the human body in shape. The design of this robot is for functional purposes, such as interacting with human tools and environments, and for other purposes. In general, it has human body parts,  a head, two arms, and two legs, though some robots may replicate only part of the body, for instance, from the waist up.

Furthermore, some humanoid robots also have headed to replicate human facial features like eyes and mouths.

Humanoid robots are a valuable resource in medicine and biotechnology as well as in other fields of research. It develops many complex structures. In the field of medicine, it helps patients in the rehabilitation of their lower limbs.


AI Image Generation

Artificial intelligence continues to perform jobs just like humans, there is a new industry to add to the list – the world of art. Researchers at the company have created software that can create an AI image from word prompts. So, due to this technology, the work of research has been easy.

This technology is known as Dall-E, and the team behind it plans to continue developing it further. 


3D Printed Bones

The 3D printing industry develops new technologies that apply in many fields, like architecture, medicine, engineering, and many more. But one of the significant uses of this technology is the building of 3D printed bones technology. 

Surprisingly, it is easy to use 3D-printed bones. A hospital can perform an MRI, which is then sent to Ossiform, which creates a 3D structure of a patient. After that, the surgeon accepts the design to be used in surgery.

What makes this technology special is because of tricalcium phosphate, the body will remodel the implants into the vascular bone.


 FoldableTech Device

Many tech companies entered this realm recently with their popular foldable devices. Samsung comes first in this line because of its foldable Galaxy smartphone. You can make it mobile or laptop within a second. It provides the facility of both mobile and laptop. You can carry it with you anywhere you want because of its feature.


Color Changing Cars

BMW recently showcased a concept of color changing car. With a single press, you can change the color of a car. For the first time, users can change the color depending on their mood.


Cyber Security

Cyber security seems like the most important because threats are constantly new. The hackers who are trying to access the data are not going to give up at any time. Moreover, they continue to find ways to get through even the security measures. Many organizations adopt new technologies to reduce security threats. There are many kinds of hackers, for instance, black, white, and grey hat.


Flying Vehicles

How cool it is to drive a personal flying car without any traffic. Yes, it is possible now to fly a vehicle in the sky. SkyDrive’s the flying car looks like a new technological invention. It can take off, fly and land without any runway or with a pilot. And it carries a maximum load of 500 kg with a speed of 100 km/h. It will be helpful in the future. In case of emergency, it provides fast services for its users.

The purpose of this car is to reach the destination more fastly and easily.  


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