Natural Phenomena

Natural Phenomena

Natural Phenomena:

A natural phenomena is a detectable event that is not artificial. The word phenomena is a Greek word phainein. The meaning of phenomena is to appear, bring to, show, shine, etc.  In addition, we define phenomena as observable events that occur in a natural system. 

Many natural phenomena are easy to understand and utilize by simple observation. Moreover, we do not need science for this. But some, like capacitance, are much less clear. Then you need science to know them. Some meaningful examples of natural phenomena are weather, earthquakes, lightning, tornadoes, etc. 

However, there are also a lot of phenomena that are less considerable and less noticeable. Furthermore, simple things such as the reflection of rays in any appliance; and electricity passing through the wires allow you to switch on a light. Moreover, the simple fact is that gravity lets us walk on the surface of the Earth.

Some phenomena happen very slowly and can be hard to detect. These phenomena are the passing of the seasons, the decomposition of organic issues, or the erosion of mountains. But these phenomena are even observable events that we can explain with the help of science. 

Phenomena are more important for science education. Because they give actual and engaging examples of science to the student in the entire world environment, This is a good option for motivating student inquiry. Due to this can observe a phenomenon. They also afterward ask questions and study to obtain facts about how it works.

Some Important Phenomena:

We organize phenomena into different types. We will discuss some main types,

  • Natural phenomena are those that occur without human input. Examples of phenomena are gravity and biological processes etc.
  • Psychological phenomena are those phenomena that are show in human manners and responses.
  • Social phenomena are those that exist through the activities of gatherings of humans.
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