Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy DiStefano has been in the news lately after her stalker attacked her at her home in Florida. Her stalker broke into her home, where he found her alone and viciously assaulted her before being stopped by the police. Ms DeStefano had recently moved to Florida to finish the last few months of her high school education. She was recognized as a musical prodigy, with plans to attend Juilliard in the fall.

Who is Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy is a nine-year-old girl who loves to write and read. She enjoys writing about fun facts, her daydreams and her favourite TV shows. Her favourite show is Game of Thrones. She was born on April 17th, 1984. As of March 2022, she is 37 years old. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. It is a program which she creates explicitly. Its prime purpose is to entertain the people while doing the exercise. Following this method, one can undergo bodyweight training along with the music.

Jazzy Distefano  Early Life

Jazzlyn Distefano is an American actress, singer and songwriter. She was born in Orlando, Florida, to her father, George Distefano and her mother, Gloria. She was also the youngest of three children, with one sister and one brother. Growing up, Jazzlyn attended Holy Redeemer Catholic School for elementary school and Bishop Moore High School for secondary school. Jazzlyn is best known for portraying the role of Mimi Marquez on The CW’s hit show Glee from 2010-2011.

Jazzy Distefano: 7 Insider Facts Close Chris Distefano’s GF You Power Have Missed! 

Jazzy is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She’s also Chris Distefano’s girlfriend of one year! After dating for nearly ten years, Chris and Jazzy announced their breakup on November 20th. However, the two are still living together and seem to be doing just fine! Here are seven insider details about Chris Distefano’s GF that you might have missed: 

1) If you see Chris walking around with a bandage on his hand, it’s because he cut it in the kitchen while cooking pasta. 

2) Despite everything they say on social media, they’re not broken up – they live together in the same house! 

3) They both know how to dance well and sometimes go with salsa (as seen in her Instagram stories). 

4) The colour red was all over their house when I visited recently – from candles to bookshelves. 

  1. 5) They love Italian food and frequently cook meals at home together.

6) It was hard to tell if the pair were madly in love, but one thing is for sure: they don’t fight or argue as most couples do. They never even raised their voices during our visit; I barely heard any bickering or disagreement! 

7) From what we can tell, this couple is stronger than ever, and everyone can’t wait to find out what they’ll do next.

Interesting Facts about Jazzy Distefano

1) She was born in Washington.
2) Her favourite actor is Johnny Depp.
3) She’s been dancing for ten years.
4) She loves to watch the movie ‘The Lion King.
‘5) Jazzy has a pet dog named Sophie.
6) Ooh La La is her favourite song.
7) Her favourite food is pasta and cheese.8) She plays volleyball and soccer.
9) At school, she enjoys all her classes.
10) When she grows up, Jazzy wants to be a writer.


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