Is dana Perino living the five on fox news

Is dana Perino living the five on fox news

Is dana Perino living the five on fox news

This article discusses dana Perino living the five on fox news. On Monday night’s episode of The Five, Dana Perino revealed that her favorite member of the Fox News team was Bob Beckel. However, Eric Bolling was her favorite member during an earlier episode of The Five, on which Beckel did not appear. So what’s going on here? We’re here to answer that question and any other questions you might have about what’s happening at Fox News.

Dana Perino and the Five on Fox News: A Look at Her Life

Dana Perino was the White House Press Secretary from 2007-2009 and is now an analyst for Fox News. She works on The Five and is also a co-host of The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino. She also has been a contributor to NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday since 2014. Dana Perino is married to political consultant Peter McMahon, and they have three children. They are a Christian family and live in Washington, D.C., unlike in Los Angeles, where her husband does most of his work. Her favorite hobby is reading; she says it makes her feel like she’s exercising her brain muscles. 

Dana Perino has always wanted to be a writer but never had the time because she was so busy working as a public relations specialist in corporate America and being very active in politics herself at home in Texas. In 2006, she wrote what would become her first book: And That’s the Way It Is Life Behind the Scenes, on Fox News Channel.

Dana Perino and Her Husband Give Back To Others

Dana Perino, who worked as White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, is now a host on Fox News and has a new book called Let Me Tell You Something: Life, Love, and Leading From the Heart. She has married her husband since 1993, and they have two children. One of the things that Dana says she loves about her marriage is how supportive he is of what she does. He’s right by her side at events and in their home. 

In addition to being married to him, she also gives back to others through charitable organizations. Such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where both of their children were treated for cancer when they were younger. They also helped found The Dana Perino Foundation with St.

Dana Perino On Children, Dogs, and Health

Dana Perino is a mother, author, and Fox News political analyst. It is also a co-host of The Five on Fox News Channel. Recently she participated in a Reddit AMA where she answered questions about her upbringing, career in politics and media, and her favorite TV shows. Dana also shared her thoughts about what it’s like being a mom to three kids and two dogs.

Living the Five on Fox News: Dana Perino’s story

Dana Perino, a former White House Press Secretary and co-host of Fox News’s The Five is currently airing a new show on Fox News. Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What, Dana is giving viewers her take on politics and world events while also chatting with her pal, John Stirewalt. 

The show airs every Sunday at 5 pm EST (2 pm PST) and replays Monday through Friday in the late morning hours. Whether you’re into politics or not, it’s worth tuning in to see how Dana is doing since she was such an instrumental figure in American history. And to see what she has to say about current topics.

Five things Dana Perino does to live the five on Fox News

Dana Perino is a Fox News correspondent and co-host of The Five. Perino did as White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush from January 2005 to July 2007, making her the only female press secretary in U.S. history besides Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The latter currently holds that position under President Donald Trump. She is also one of only two female White House Press Secretaries. Dee Dee Myers was the first female appointee during President Bill Clinton’s tenure in office.


  1. Dana Perino starts each day by running:
    Usually between 4 and 5 miles long. Which she says helps her mentally prepare for what’s ahead in the day’s work. 
  2. The most crucial thing Dana Perino has learned since becoming an author is? To never give up.
  3.  Determining what not to talk about can be just as tricky as figuring out how much time should be spent talking about it.
  4. One of her favorite things about working at Fox News is that. She gets to speak with different people from all over the world every day. 
  5. A massive supporter of Planned Parenthood. Dana Perino always has them on her annual donations list because it’s easy for me.

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