Huxley Robert wood: see the detail

Huxley Robert wood: see the detail 

Huxley Robert wood: see the detail: Huxley Robert Wood is another superstar kid who rose to celebrity through their parents’ glamorous careers. Today we will speak about Huxley Robert Wood, the foremost child of the well-known American actors Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist. Both of them have been victorious in their careers. In addition, they met on the sets of the series “Supergirl.” In this article, we will discuss Huxley Robert wood: see the detail.

When we talk about celebrity kids, it is not always about their parents’ fame but sometimes the happiness they bring to their lives. Returning to Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist, the couple announced the baby boy’s arrival through an Instagram post. The newborn boy was born in the year of 2020. 


Huxley Robert Wood: Bio


NameHuxley Wood
Full NameHuxley Robert Wood
Age 2 years
Date of Birth 11-Sep-20
Place of Birth No Information Available
HeightNot Known
WeightNot Known
Hair ColorNot Disclosed Yet
Eye ColorNot Disclosed Yet
Father NameChris Wood
Mother NameMelissa Benoist
Father’s ProfessionActor
Mother’s ProfessionActor
FamousFor Being a Celebrity Kid
SchoolNo Information Available
SiblingsNot Applicable
Chris Wood is Famous ForThe Vampire Diaries
Melissa Benoist is Famous ForSupergirl
Marriage Date1-Sep-19
HobbiesNot Valid


Huxley Robert Wood’s Father 

Huxley Robert wood’s father is Chris Wood. Christopher Charles Wood was born in Dublin, Ohio, in the United States. Since his same childhood, Chris has desired to become an actor. While he was a student, he never skipped a chance to participate in school plays.

Later on, Chris decided to pursue a career in acting. Thus, he finished his graduate degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Theatre. Chris began his profession by doing several American Television series. He appeared in TV series like Damn Yankees, in which he played the part of Joe Hardy.

Chris has also been featured in many films. He appeared in films like You Got Mail, The Rocketeer, Sleepless in Seattle, and many more.


Huxley Robert Wood’s Mother

Huxley Robert Wood’s mother, Melissa Benoist, also dreamed of becoming an actor. Thus she finished her graduate degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Arts). Melissa was presented by his mother, along with her two sisters. Her childhood was rather shocking as her parents got separated.



Supergirl is a superhero series designed by Ali Adler, Andrew Kreisberg, and Greg Berlanti. The series circles around the texture of Kara – Zor El and Superman’s cousin Kal – El. She is widely understood for the series “Supergirl.” It got her into the real limelight. Moreover, on the sets of “Supergirl,” she fell in love with her co-actor, Chris Wood. Kara was living on land with her foster parents and was informed not to display her abilities and keep them a secret. After hiding their power for 12 years, they finally escaped their planet and came to earth.


Huxley Robert Wood: Instagram

As Huxley is just two years old and doesn’t have an Instagram account, we will look at his parents’ Instagram accounts.

Talking about Melissa Benoist’s account has 4.8 million followers. Her Instagram feed is mostly about her modeling pictures, but she has created a perfect balance of her professional moments and personal moments on her Instagram feed. Reaching Chris Wood’s Instagram account, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Chris is more explicit than his wife, Melissa. Now, Chris Wood has 3.7 million followers.


Huxley Robert Wood: Net Worth

As Huxley isn’t earning yet, it is acceptable to consider his parents’ net worth as his. As per current research, Chris Wood’s net value is $12 million, whereas Melissa’s net worth is 4 million. 

Moreover, These sculptures often fluctuate according to the ups and downs in the actors’ professions.


Final Words

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