How to take action notes church

How to take action notes church

You’ve been invited to attend a church service. You want to take action notes but need help figuring out how or where to do that. This post will show tips for taking action notes when attending a church service.

Begin With Prayer

The first step to taking action notes is prayer. When you pray, ask God for the meeting to go well and for you to be able to take good notes. You can also ask Him to help you remember what He teaches during the meeting to apply those truths effectively.

It’s important when praying about a topic like this one (discerning truth from error) not just focus on how it applies in our lives but also on how it relates up through history until today so as not only do we understand who we are as Christians but also where our faith originates from!

Come Ready to Take Notes

The first thing you should do is come ready to take notes. This means you need a notebook and pen and don’t bring a laptop or tablet either. Don’t bring your phone either. You’ll want to be able to focus on the speaker without distractions from text messages or social media updates flying around the room.

Don’t come with other things that might distract you from taking action notes church: maybe an extra pair of shoes because they’re comfortable; maybe an extra blouse because it matches this skirt; maybe an extra sweater because it’s chilly outside, and so on! If any other people are along for this activity (or if they’re not), try to keep them away from where the action happens so that everyone else can have some quiet time while we take our notes in church together!


Don’t Write Everything Down

One thing to remember when taking action notes is that you can write some things down. You can take some key points and make sure they stick in your memory or keep them as a list of things to look up later.

Another thing is not writing your thoughts down. Refrain from thinking about what you are saying, but focus on the speaker and their words. This will help keep the conversation flowing smoothly and ensure everyone involved gets their point across fully.

Finally, don’t write down things that others have already said; this includes quotes from books and poems!

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It’s Okay to Draw Pictures

Drawing pictures is a great way to ensure you understand the point and can help you remember the point. Drawings are also a good way to summarize your main ideas in a simple way that is easy for others to follow.

If there’s something specific about what happened during my sermon that I want my notes on later but don’t want them written down yet (for example, if someone asked me about something I’d said), then I draw a picture of myself speaking with my hands up, so they know exactly where everything was concerning each other.


Remember the Goal

Taking action notes means remembering what you learned from the sermon. You should be able to recall the sermon’s main points on your own and then share them with others.

This can be done in several different ways:

  • Write down key things that stand out for you (and don’t worry about getting everything perfect). Then come up with questions or comments that may help lead to a deeper understanding of those points.
  • When a friend asks you why they should attend church next week or what they should do differently, ask them if they have any questions about what they learned during that week’s service! If so, write down some responses right there in front of them. You’ll catch up quickly!


Keep Working On It

The key to doing this is to keep working on your notes over time. Reviewing them regularly will help you prepare for the next meeting, and using them as a guide will help you stay focused when preparing for future meetings. You’ll also want to ensure that all the information in your notes is relevant and useful; if not, remove it!



If you’ve taken action notes in church before, you know how important it is to keep your notes organized. You want to make sure that you’re able to find them later on when you need them most. That’s why it’s so important for us all, especially those who lead worship teams or events, to come prepared with a good way of keeping our thoughts organized!


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