How to make shoes smaller

How to make shoes smaller

How to make shoes smaller

The pair of shoes you bought looks tremendous but feels too big. The good news is that you don’t have to go to the shoe store and shell out extra cash for the next smaller size – all you need is just a few simple supplies and about five minutes of your time to make your shoes fit correctly again! Watch this video tutorial on how to make shoes smaller. Then, you’ll be able to fit into your favorite pair of shoes again! How cool is that?

How to make shoes smaller: Tips for a comfortable fit

If you’re not a size four and your feet are too big for the most significant shoe sizes, you may want to know how to make shoes smaller. You can make the shoe fit better or the correct size.

Start with fitting. You’ll need: 

  • Sizer (or pencil). 
  • Ape measure -gauge (or ruler) -pencil or pen -a clean work surface. 

Place the paper on your work surface and the gauges on either side, making sure they touch each other on one side. Trace around them using a pencil or pen until you have two circles that are close together but still touching. Carefully cut them out using scissors so that you have two identical shapes about 1/4 inch apart. Tape one circle down to your table’s surface so that its edges are touching those of the other shape’s edges all around it; then remove the tape from the other circle and place it over top of the first one, sandwiching both together as best as possible while still keeping them in contact with each other at all points along their perimeters.

Tips on how to make old shoes fit better

It is also possible to make old shoes fit better using various methods. The first is purchasing shoe stretchers made of wood or plastic and then placing them inside the shoe. You will want to use the stretcher for 10 minutes at a time for about three days, stretching out the shoe. Some brands sell inserts that can be placed in your old shoe, which will help it fit better.

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