How to hide page on a website

How to hide page on a website

How to hide page on a website? A hidden page is an excellent way to direct users to more relevant content. This can be done by adding a file called hidden-pages in the root directory of your website and then writing in it the URLs of your hidden pages; this will make them hidden from any search engine so users can get directly to what they are looking for, without having to go through irrelevant pages first. In this article, we’ll see how to create and use this fake page, which does not appear in the menu but allows you and others to send direct links.


What Is The Dealer.Com Website?

If you are looking for a new car and are looking at the Research section of the website, it might seem like there is only one way to view any of the vehicles in-depth if you go through all sorts of information first. But you’ll be happy to know there is an easy way to get around this problem! Once you find your desired make and model and click Research, change the year from 2019 back to 2006 (or any other year). This will take you back through all the available models, some of which may have already been discontinued but still need to be updated with their corresponding prices or details. You can then read reviews, compare prices and figure out what car suits your needs before coming back to 2006 again when you’re ready! Happy research shopping. Here are some following features That Are Included In Their Packages:

  • A Custom Website Design
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Vehicle Listing Management
  • Real-Time User Monitoring
  • Paid Promotions To Increase Engagement
  • Integration With Third-Party Software And Programmes like Livechat, Call Source, True Car, Etc.


Why Hide Pages On A Dealer.Com Website?

Most dealerships will want to have some pages hidden from the public so that only people with a password can see them. One way of doing this is using the Dealer Pro app, which can be downloaded onto any device and will have an encrypted connection with your site. However, if you don’t have or want to use an app, then there are other ways of hiding pages on a dealership website, such as: 

Hiding the URL – If you add hide new after the URL, it will not show up in search engines, so this is an easy way to block access without downloading anything extra.


How To Hide Page On A Dealer.Com Website In 2022?

One Of The Few Disadvantages Of Having A Dealership Website Settled On Dealer.Com is that several pages must be created, some of which contain rather confidential information, such as personal specifics, payment information, Lists, Etc. 


Log In:

The 1st Step Is To login To Your Dealer.Com Website And Head To Your “Admin Panel” Or “Dashboard.” (Remember, Should You Not Recall The Password, Click On The “Forget Password” Opt, And A New Password Will Be Created Automatically.


Choose The Page:

The 2nd Step Is To Choose The Page That You Want To Hide On Dealer.Com And Click On It. ( Remember, Only Select Those Pages, Or “Pages” That You Want To Hide, Because Google scans all The Pages, And Any Page You Hide Will Not Be Visible In The Search Results Of Google.)


Select “Hide This Page”:

The 3ed Step Is, When You Have Select The Page You Want To Hide, You Will Get A List Of Options, Under Which, You Have To Click On “Hide This Page.” 

Congratulations! Now You Have to find”How To Hide Page On A Dealer.Com Website.” It’s Super Easy! Isn’t It?


Website Using Your Mobile Phone: How to hide a page on a website

By Using Your Mobile Phone Here are Some Easy Steps To Hide A Page On The Dealer.Com Website:

  1. Firstly, Open Your Chrome Browser And Go To Your Dealer.Com Website
  2. Secondly, Search Out The Page You Want To Hide On A Dealer.Com Website And Click On It.
  3. A New Set Of Options Will Be Shown. You Have To Click On “Hide This Page.”
  4. If You Don’t Find The “Hide This Page” Button On The Screen Then Click On The “Three Dots” Button In Your Chrome Browser And Click On “Find This Page.”
  5. When You Select “Find This Page,” Then Type In “Hide This Page.”
  6. And When You Find The “Hide This Page” Option, Click On It And Save The Changes.


Advantages Of Hiding A Page On A Dealer.Com Website


Here are the following Advantages Of Hiding A Page On A Dealer.Com Website:

  1. Private Information is Available On The Particular Page You Want To Hide.
  2. The Page Might Not Be For The Public Eye 
  3. Your Website On The Dealer.Com Stays Clean And Natural For The User Experience.
  4. Your Website Stays Safe From Hackers Who Might Be Looking For Vulnerabilities On Your Pages.
  5. Unwanted Pages Are Not Indexed In The Google. 

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