How to get to Arch Glacor: The Ultimate guide

How to get to Arch Glacor

How to get to Arch Glacor: Arch Glacies is a rare, powerful, and highly sought-after monster in RuneScape. This boss is a formidable challenge for even the most experienced players, but it can be defeated with the right strategy and equipment. This article will guide you on How to get to Arch Glacor and provide tips on successfully defeating it.

Getting to Arch Glacies

Step 1: Requirements

Before you start your journey to Arch Glacies, you must meet the requirements. The minimum requirements to fight Arch Glacies are completing the “Frozen Lurker” quest and level 95 Strength, Ranged, and Magic. It is also recommended to have a high Defense level and good equipment, such as a full set of Barrows armor and a decent weapon.

Step 2: Location

Arch Glacies can be found in the “Frostland Hunting Grounds,” which can be accessed by using a Frozen Key on the entrance located in the “Frozen Waste Plateau” in the northern part of the “Fremennik Province.” You must have completed the “Frozen Lurker” quest to use the key.

Step 3: Teleportation

Once you have met the requirements and located the entrance to the Frostland Hunting Grounds, the quickest way to get there is by using teleportation. You can use the “Lodestone Network” to teleport to the “Rellekka” lodestone and then walk to the entrance, or use the “Fremennik Province” teleport on the “Lodestone Network” to teleport directly to the entrance.

Defeating Arch Glacies

Step 1: Strategy

Arch Glacies is a formidable opponent, so it is important to have a solid strategy before entering the fight. The most effective strategy is to use a combination of Ranged and Magic attacks and a familiar to block its special attacks. It is also recommended to bring plenty of food. As the fight can be long and intense.

Step 2: Equipment

The right equipment can make all the difference in the fight against Arch Glacies. As mentioned earlier, a full set of Barrows armor and a good weapon is recommended. Additionally, it is important to bring plenty of food and prayer potions to help keep your health and prayer points up during the fight.

Step 3: Familiar

A familiar can be a valuable asset in the fight against Arch Glacies. As it can block its special attacks. The most effective familiar for this fight is the “Spiritual Mage,” as it can block Arch Glacies’ special attacks and also has a strong attack of its own.

Step 4: Tactics

During the fight, using a combination of Ranged and Magic attacks is important to take down Arch Glacies’ health. It is also important to keep your prayer points up by using prayer potions and food as needed to keep your health up. If you have a familiar, use its abilities to block Arch Glacies’ special attacks and deal damage at the same time.


Arch Glacies is a challenging but rewarding boss in RuneScape. Following the steps outlined in this article and having a solid strategy, equipment, and tactics in place, you can defeat Arch Glacies and claim its valuable rewards. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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