How to freeze a row in google sheets

How to freeze a row in google sheets

How to freeze a row in google sheets?

In this article,  we will tell you: How to freeze a row in google sheets?

Why Freeze Rows in Google Sheets?

Freezing rows makes tracking what data you want and how it’s going easier, which is important if you’re looking at more than one report. It’s also handy when your colleague needs something from the same spreadsheet and can’t scroll through all of the data – this way, she has to click on the frozen row.

Since Google Sheets columns are always visible when looking at a spreadsheet (unlike Excel), freezing only freezes that single column. So, if there are other columns with different data in them, she will still be able to scroll through those. 

If this seems useful, read below for instructions on how to freeze rows on Google Sheets.

How to Freeze a Row in Google Sheets Using the Mouse (Shortcut)

The fastest way to freeze the top row of your spreadsheet is with the mouse cursor. Push and hold down the control key on your keyboard, and click and drag on the first cell in the column you want to be frozen. All other cells will become read-only as you move over them. Release your mouse when you are on top of the last cell that should be frozen. That’s it!

Below is how to freeze rows in Google Sheets::

You can freeze rows of your data by clicking on the row you want to make fixed, right-clicking, and selecting Freeze Panes > Freeze.

How to Freeze a Column in Google Sheets?

Frozen rows can be used as section headers or labels to make certain data more visible or easier to read. Freezing columns will also make it easier for you to find specific information. Whether you need the column header frozen, or just a single row, the way you do it is the same. You’ll want to start by finding where your column header is on your sheet (it should be an A-whatever format). Then highlight your entire column header and double click on the first cell on that column. It should now say Frozen: Yes.

How to Unfreeze Rows in Google Sheets?

Unfreeze rows and columns in Google Sheets. When you freeze a row or column, it becomes read-only, and cells can’t be edited unless the entire sheet is unfrozen. To undo the freezing, open the menu bar from the top left corner of your spreadsheet and select Unfreeze Rows or Unfreeze Columns. A small message will pop up at the bottom of your screen when rows are unfrozen.

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