How the Lungs Work

How the Lungs Work

How the Lungs Work
The lungs are an essential part of the respiratory system, which allows you to breathe. In addition to the lungs, the respiratory system includes airways that carry air in and out of your lungs, blood vessels girding the lungs, and the muscles that help you wind.

 The body uses several channels to bring oxygen-rich air into the lungs and deliver carbon dioxide( a waste gas) out of the lungs. The body’s airways include 

Nasal depressions 


 Voice box( called the larynx) 

 Windpipe( called the trachea) 

Bronchial tubes 

From there, it travels down two bronchial tubes that take up the lungs. A thin delirium of the towel, the epiglottis, blocks your windpipe when you swallow to help feed and wet from entering. 


 The lungs come across on either side of the breastbone in the casket depression and are cut up into five main sections( lobes). The lungs are responsible for removing carbon dioxide from the blood and add on oxygen to it. The heart and lungs work together to do this. 

The lungs contain thousands of thin tubes that end in bunches of bitsy air sacs( alveoli). 

 When you take a breath, the pulmonary( lung) roadway and its branches bring blood containing lots of carbon dioxide. Also, carbon dioxide needles the blood and enters the air, and oxygen leaves the air and enters the blood. 

Once the blood has oxygen and no carbon dioxide, returned to the heart and pumped to the rest of the body. Your lungs are the brace of spongy, pinkish-argentine organs in your casket. 


 When you gobble( breath in), air enters your lungs, and oxygen from that air moves to your blood. At the same time, carbon is void gas from your blood to the lungs and exhaled( breathed out). This process is also called gas exchange.

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