How do you spell tongue

how do you spell tongue

How do you spell tongue?

How do you spell tongue? There are several ways to spell this word, including tung, tung, tong, and language. The first two are British versions, while the last two are considered American English versions of the word. First, if your cursor is not working, look at the upper left-hand corner of your screen, click on Control, and then find the key that says, Caps Lock. If it does not display Caps Lock, click on the Control key again until it says, Caps Lock. Next, click on this key to make all letters in that row uppercase. Next, type out tongue, but when it reaches T, press SHIFT and hit the letter A.

What is the tongue?

This may seem silly, but how do you spell tongue? This is a common mistake when writing, as the letter t looks very similar to the letter l. Most people use their fingers to support their work on their desks, which can easily lead to misspelling words with the letters l and t. The next time you need to write something that has either of these letters in it, be sure to put your hand out at arm’s length so that your finger doesn’t fall onto both letters. We hope this solves your dilemma!


Tongue: Part of Speech

I’ve found that trying to copy how someone else spells tongue can lead to mispronunciation and confusion. Below are some ways to spell this word:

1) tung (rhymes with song) 

2) tunge (rhymes with hung, but with a U-N-G sound at the end) 

3) tunge (This is my favorite spelling because it’s the most fun!)

4) a mobile group of muscular tissue clad with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity

5) a human reported or spoken language used by society; as opposed to, e.g., a computer language

6) any long thin projection that is transient

7) a manner of speaking

8) a narrow ribbon of land that extends out into the sea

9) the tongue of certain animals used as a meat

10) the flap of fabric beneath the laces of a shoe or boot

11) a metal striker that dangles inside a bell and makes a sound by flogging the side

Why is tongue spelled that way?

There are many variations of the word tongue, but everyone knows the one spelled t-o-n-g-u-e. If a variation is being used, it would be good to put that variation into a sentence. For example:

The baby said something in Korean and stuck out his or her little Tunga at me, and I looked at him or her funny. 

How do you spell tongue? The tongue is spelled with the letters T-O-N-G-U-E because there are many variations for this word. The tongue can also be called the tongue, tongs, plunges, and tounges. The simplest way to remember how to spell these words is if they’re not being used in a sentence, then use T-O-N-G for short instead of trying to figure out which spelling has been chosen by the author.

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